Oakland Raiders Self-Study and Mini-Analysis

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 18, 2009

Taking a good look at your own performance is a part of a self-study which many corporations and organizations do on a periodic schedule.

The performance must go up, and the histograms will grow in height.

Hopefully, by producing profiles of performance, a focus on who, what, where, and how to improve will become evident.

Here are a few charts to help you visualize comparisons of players. Every tool available to us must be used to see clearly our strengths and weaknesses.

What observations can you make in this mini-analysis? All comments are good. We need a lively, honest, and transparent look at ourselves, the Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation.

This mini-analysis is at a fundamental level so that readers from all ages, can appreciate this approach to understand our profile of strengths and areas in which we must improve. More detailed analysis will be provided in future articles.

It is imperative that we do a self-study on a regular basis. Otherwise, how will we know that we have grown or improved?

A transparent approach, and a willingness to focus and exercise the mental and physical discipline to attain victory is what we need.

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We are encouraged by a display of our strengths, but we must be inspired to optimize and improve.

Yes, we are encouraged and grateful for the strengths that we have. We, however, work hard and aggressively move toward a higher level of efficiency, proficiency and competency.

We are the Raider Nation, determined and strong, fearless and forceful.

Go Raiders!

Data: Sept. 14, 2009