Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation: Much Is Given, Much Is Required

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 18, 2009

21 Jul 1998:  Defensive back Charles Woodson #24 of the Oakland Raiders exercises during the 1998 Oakland Raiders Training Camp in Napa, California. Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn  /Allsport

Wham! Bam! An idea has popped up in my mind.

The Oakland Raiders are working hard, training, thinking, and building up their stamina.

What are some of us doing?

1. sitting in front of a television

2. sitting in front of a computer

3. lying on a couch, like a couch potato

4. eating junk food

You can add to the list.

If our team can exercise, get fit and stay fit, what about us, the Raider Nation?

I will ask of you what I ask of myself.

I started a walking program a few days before our first game. This is a part of my answer.

It is my way of demonstrating support and commitment to my favorite team. To me this program I have launched in my own household is no different than the other "walks" promoted on radio and television.

These "walks" are usually an outward demonstration of support for breast cancer survivors, infant illnesses, and so on.

Now, let's walk for the Oakland Raiders to have more stamina and power throughout the games, even throughout the last quarter and final seconds of the game.

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Based on what I saw in the first game of the season, we need that energy, strategic thinking, and stamina to forge a victory, even against unusual "odds."

Something needs to rise up in our soul, like a mother who finds the strength to snatch her child from danger.

Something needs to rise up in us, like those mammals that strike fear in a predator, especially if the "cubs" are in danger.

Rise up, and fight to the end.

There are historical examples of men and women who lift heavy objects to rescue a loved one who is in danger; carry a heavy load when his or her body seems too frail; survive severe cold weather when lost in a winter storm; find strength to push down the pillars of opposition in order to save a nation threatened by opponents.

Those moments of triumph are possible because of a certain type of "fitness or readiness to win, at all costs."

So, as the young men learn to get the physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness needed to assure more victories in the Raider Nation, we, too, must become active participants in a "fitness program."

My personal plan includes walking, biking, using a fitness band, and eating healthy meals.

What is your plan? How will you demonstrate your commitment to excellence in the performance of the Oakland Raiders and in the Raider Nation?

Let's start now, before the second game on Sept. 20.

The Oakland Raiders have given much, so much is required of us, the Raider Nation, to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Go Raiders!

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