Fantasy Football Week Two Starts N' Sits for Success

John LorgeSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Darren McFadden #20 of the Oakland Raiders is hit by Clinton Hart #42 of the San Diego Chargers during their game on September 14, 2009 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

In all fantasy sports it takes three S’s to have a successful season—stars, starters, and sleepers. In fantasy football you always have to make that tough decision on who you will play and who will ride the pine.

After you’re done with the three S’s, be sure to watch my starts n’ sits YouTube video, and also watch my Week Two Pick’em video while you’re at it!


Sit: Jay Cutler Vs. Pittsburgh

Even without Troy Polamalu in the lineup, the Steelers are still an imposing defense to face. Cutler may not throw four picks, but he will be facing more pocket pressure than he did last week and more than he faced in all of 2008.

LoStradamus prediction: 225 passing yards, one TD, two INTs.

Sit: Braylon Edwards Vs. Denver

After struggling to connect with Brady Quinn against the Vikings, Edwards will have to deal with Champ Bailey hounding him all game. All it takes is one play, though, so if you are thin at WR, don't sit him just because.

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LoStradamus prediction: Three receptions and 45 yards.

Start: Ronnie Brown Vs. Indianapolis

After a disappointing loss to Atlanta, the Dolphins are looking to come out with a splash. The Colts' run D is still a bit suspect and could use the wildcat to his advantage in Week Two.

LoStradamus prediction: 110 total yards, one rushing TD, 25 passing yards, one passing TD.

Sit: LaDainian Tomlinson Vs. Baltimore

You never want to have to sit a first round back, but right now LT is slated as a game-time decision up against a Ravens D that allowed 29 rushing yards. Is the potential of a score worth the risk of a zero?

LoStradamus prediction: 45 total yards.


Sit: Kevin Smith Vs. Minnesota

A Lions RB plus the Vikings D equals very few rushing yards. Now Smith was able to break a few big runs against Minnesota last year, but it's hard to bank on one big play for your starting RB.

LoStradamus prediction: 45 total yards.

Start: Darren McFadden Vs. Kansas City

The Chiefs gave up 198 rushing yards against Baltimore, and Oakland has an equally dangerous ground attack. We also saw a lot of split-out looks from McFadden, and he is a solid route runner.

LoStradamus prediction: 150 total yards and one TD.

Sit: Cedric Benson Vs. Green Bay

Don't be fooled by Benson's 108 total yards and a TD against the Broncos; a majority of his fantasy production came on the team's final drive. The Packers held Matt Forte to 55 rushing yards on 25 carries. Their new 3-4 scheme is looking much more productive.

LoStradamus prediction: 65 total yards.


Start: Washington Defense Vs. St. Louis

Only one team was shut out in Week One, and that was the Rams. The Skins addressed the D in free-agency and the draft, so it's time to put their money where their mouth is.

LoStradamus prediction: 10 points allowed, four sacks, and two turnovers.

Start: Fred Jackson Vs. Tampa Bay

The dual-threat ability of Jackson makes him a strong play in Week Two. Another bonus of Jackson owners is that the Bills only have one other RB, and he's half the player of Jackson.

LoStradamus prediction: 125 total yards and one TD.

Start: Mike Bush Vs. Kansas City

The big but deceptive back had a strong showing against the Chargers, and he's hungry to get over the goal line. If you're playing in a deep league, give Bush a look, and he's also a great hedge play with McFadden.

LoStradamus prediction: 80 total yards and one TD.

Start: Chester Taylor Vs. Detroit

Taylor was a bit of a no-show in Week One, but it all means the Vikings could be setting up some plays for Week Two. AP is still an automatic start, but if you're looking for an extra RB, Taylor has a shot to get in the zone.

LoStradamus prediction: 60 total yards and one TD.

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