Memo to Coach Brew: Grow Up

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst ISeptember 17, 2009

Gophers football coach Tim Brewster likes to pride himself as a guy that can never be beaten down by negative people, but he doesn't back up that statement with his actions most of the time.

Brewster displays his stupidity when someone in the media has the gall to call him out instead of being brainwashed by Brewster's sweet talk.

It started this spring when he tweeted on his Twitter account about how it must suck to look in the mirror every day and be like Fat Pat, which was a reference to Star-Tribune columnist and KSTP-AM morning talk show host Patrick Reusse.

Brewster decided to show his immaturity after Reusse constantly took shots at Brewster's coaching performance in print and on the airwaves, which started when Brewster lost in his Gophers coaching debut.

That was uncalled for. No coach of any level should stoop to that level even if Reusse comes off bad with his act.

Coaches should be representing their employer by being a professional at all times.

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The university honchos did the right thing by reprimanding Brewster for that tweet, and it was deleted.

The thought was the third-year Gophers football head coach would learn how to have self-control and learn from this experience.

Apparently, that hasn't been the case.

Yesterday, KFAN's Paul Allen announced Brewster banned his coaching staff and his players from appearing on KFAN after Dan Barreiro talked about how he does not know what to make of the Gophers football team despite them being 2-0.

Barreiro's take was an honest one with good points considering the Gophers failed to play well against the good teams in the Big Ten. Even Gophers fans would agree with that, especially when they look at the team's history of not playing well in October and November.

Brewster felt offended by that one, and he took it out on the station.

Talk about a bush league move, not to mention it's counterproductive.

First of all, why would Brewster be upset about what a radio personality thinks of his team? Isn't it his job to coach, not worry about what the critics think?

It's not like the Gophers are an elite team yet. They are 2-0, but it's hard to take them seriously when they have not beaten an elite team.

Brewster wants KFAN to give the Gophers better coverage by saying all nice things about them like WCCO does. It does not work that way.

Gophers football provided nothing but misery for so many decades to the point one wonders if they will be in the Rose Bowl ever again.

Winning provides better coverage, especially if and when the Gophers beat Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan on a consistent basis.

Brewster needs to understand Minneapolis is not Tuscaloosa, Columbus, Austin or another other college town where it's all college football all the time, whether they win or lose.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul market features many professional sports teams where options are there for fans and the media to pay more attention to. The Gophers' football team is in the lower part of the food chain and rightfully so.

It will take more than a 2-0 start and a new stadium before the Twin Cities' dallies and several radio stations start pimping up Brewster's program.

Brewster's anger towards Barreiro likely may not have stemmed from what Barreiro said the other day. It came when KFAN's afternoon drive time host called the Gophers' football coach out for padding his win-loss record stats as an assistant coach in the NFL, which forced Brewster to change his record stat.

If that's the case, Brewster comes off pathetic instead of being a martyr.

It's sad that Brewster would act that way.

Criticism comes with the territory when the team is losing. He should know this considering he coached in the NFL and in college forever.

Joel Maturi tried to cover for Brewster's act by saying there was a miscommunication with the sports radio station and the Gophers. Don't be fooled by that.

Why would Allen go out and make a big deal about this for an hour along with his colleagues at the station throughout the day?

Expect the university honchos to tell Brewster to get his players and staff back on the station because the last thing the football team needs is less publicity.

While Brewster's bosses are at it, they should tell Tim to act like a college football coach, not a child.