Matt Crafton: I'm Not The Driver You Thought I Was

Horn FanSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2009

Really this article comes from Ray Dunlap's politically correct piece titled Crafton: Crafting Own Fate. I just felt he needed to call it for what it was, not dance around with it.

So I'm going to add my two cents on it. I also think he missed a few other drivers who could ultimately rain on Crafton's championship dream.


First, let me mention, being a Ron Hornaday Jr. fan, yes I do realize he uses the chrome horn at times and I have nothing against anyone returning the favor.

It's just too bad that it's not done back as smartly as he delivers it.

My title is a word play off of a line then-Arizona Cardinals Coach Dennis Green said in a meltdown rage a few years ago.

Now he's on the money with the remark about Crafton's Championship title hopes in jeopardy.

I have no issue with the Bodine and Crafton deal with eight laps to go. The incident was one of those blocking deals. It's just unfortunate that Crafton didn't use his head and pass him coming out of turn two.

It just retarded to take a competitor, a friend off the track and spin him into the coming field.

Fortunately, neither Bodine or Colin Braun were hurt, Rick Crawford was also got minimal damage resulting from the wreck.

Now the trouble for Crafton was the blatant dumping of Hornaday with four laps to go, doesn't matter that I was sitting in my La-Z-Boy watching the race and not sitting in the driver seat.

I've watched it numerous times on-line, there was no way NASCAR could let it go and Hornaday had the room to make the move he made.

Fortunately, Hornaday, Jason Young and Mikey Kile, who were all collected in the wreck, weren't hurt.

But Ray Dunlap doesn't mention in his article the comments Crafton made to the Speed booth after he was done interviewing a pissed off Bodine.

Basically, he said he would do it again and wasn't scared. Looks like someone from NASCAR was listening and pretty sure that it caused them to blackflag him.

I can't be the only fan who knew what was coming from Crafton on the restart.

The worst thing about the whole deal is that they're basically teammates, since KHI provides Thorsport Racing with its trucks.

Did you notice my picture? That's from Iowa; these guys are friends and guess after Gateway, that's changed.

I do agree with Ray on these comments.

"Many drivers were paying attention and several could have a role in how this all plays out, electing to race Crafton differently than before because they don't think he gave these two former champions their due respect."

"Mike Skinner was very vocal in his Victory Lane interview concerning his displeasure with Crafton's performance."Β 

"He said NASCAR can't allow drivers to wreck others and in turn, knock them out of contention for the win and that the black flag penalty for the No. 88 Chevrolet wasn't sufficient."

Had to chuckle on his remarks that both Bodine and Hornaday in post-race interviews would pay him back and doubted it happen at New Hampshire but to expect it.Β 

He's narrowed it down to Martinsville or Phoenix, but what about Talledega or Homestead?

No doubt, retribution is coming for Crafton. Oh, both Bodine and Hornaday are on my list, but I've also added Colin Braun, Mike Skinner, Brian Scott, and Rick Crawford.

I doubt we'll see Hornaday do anything to affect his fourth title changes. He's too big of a class act to stoop to Crafton's level, but his retribution will come from the having the third entry, the No. 2, possibly being in the remaining seven races as insurance and let Crafton try to get dirty again.

Then we'll see him get a dose of his own medicine, by whichever driver happens to be driving the No. 2 and at Loudon, Kevin Harvick will be driving.

Now Bodine when he gets him, it will kill his championship dreams and hurt him badly in the points. Since he'll get him early in the race, probably sacrifice his truck in doing it so it doesn't look blatant.

Both Braun and Crawford were affected by Crafton, I could see either of them dumping him so he can't win the title.

You can't rule out Skinner, if he can't win the title if it came down to those lost Gateway points and Crafton being able to win the title. Sure he'd dump him, in a heartbeat.

Scott's made my list since if he catches Hornaday gets into position, has Crafton to contend with for the title. He'll use one of the crafty moves his friend Hornaday taught him and he also owes him one.

I have no doubt we'll see retaliation to Crafton for his stupidity at Gateway but when it happens, it could be a party not involved in either wreck, or from one of the parties involved, and I think it be cleverly hidden, so we won't realize it until after the fact.

Lastly, I love the beating and bagging in trucks, you live and die by the sword if you choose to use the chrome horn, and yes, NASCAR needs to be consistent on these calls.

The deal with Crafton is: I hate a sore loser more. Let's face it: he's been out classed in the title hunt.

Really, the bonus points are his Achilles heel, he's winless, desperate, and really it's the KHI trucks he races in that has helped him be second in the points.

It's a shame he isn't more appreciative.

Author's note: Everything in this article, strictly for the most part is my own opinion, the quotes used come from truckseries.com and I am a fan of Ray Dunlap.

Source: truckseries.com

Photo Credit: sports.yahoo.com


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