Oakland Raiders and Raider Nation: Not Blind, For Now We See

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 16, 2009

You take a test. It takes so long for your professor to return your papers.

You ponder how you compare with the class mean, median and mode. Are your grades better than others? You ask yourself, "Is the grade for the Oakland Raiders better than that of the Kansas City Chiefs, if we compare historical data?"

Two teams are scheduled to play NFL football on Sept. 20. How do they compare in certain categories?

The chart above shows the Oakland Raiders are a formidable force in NFL football. Historical data has been charted to help you see clearly.

In terms of the number of League Championships, Oakland leads four to three.

In the category of AFL Championships Kansas City Chiefs leads three to one.

Three Super Bowls belong to the Oakland Raiders, while Kansas City has only one.

There is no comparison of the Oakland Raiders with Kansas City in the category of Conference Championships. Kansas City has not won a Conference Championship, and as you know, you do not divide by zero.

Again, Oakland dominates in the category of Divisional Championships, with 15 wins compared to Kansas City's seven wins. The ratio for the dominance of the Oakland Raiders is 2.14 which is 214 percent. The strength of Oakland in this category is twice that of Kansas City.

Finally, Oaklandย has gone to the Playoffs a total of 21 times, while Kansas City has been present only 15 times. Again, the Oakland Raiders strength is measured by a ratio of 1.4 or 140 percent.

Now all of this means that we are not blind, but we see clearly many of our strengths.

And a classical response in some communities would be, "No weapon formed against us shall prosper."

To paraphrase this word of wisdom and to put it in the context of this discussion, we say:

No team that comes against us will be victorious, if there is consistency, validity, and integrity in judging what we know, see and believe about the strength embodied in the 2009 Oakland Raiders, coached by Tom Cable.

We are not blind for now we see clearly what our potential is, and what our strengths are.

We may have been temporarily blind, once, but now we see, clearly!


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