Oakland Raiders Dominate San Diego Chargers, Need to Learn to Finish

SonnyCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

The Oakland Raiders dominated the San Diego Chargers for most of the night on both sides of the ball but could not come away with the win.

The Raider defense looked as good as I can remember and were totally dominating the San Diego Chargers on both sides of the ball.

San Diego could not run and San Diego could not pass period. The Raiders man handled the Charger offense play after play and the Charger players were dropping like flies.

At the end of the first half of play the Raiders defense allowed the high powered Charger offense only 74 total yards in the first half of play.

Richard Seymour had two sacks in the first half of play and Greg Ellis had 1 sack on Rivers. The Chargers offensive line looked overmatched by the physical Raider defense.

The Raiders offense line in the first half was destroying the Chargers defensive line and the Raiders were running at will, rotating both Darren McFadden and Michael Bush. And this was before the Chargers lost two of their starting lineman.

This game should not have been close. The Raiders offense left a bunch of points out on the field with J Russ missing a wide open wide receiver down the sideline which would have been a easy touchdown.

Jamarcus Russell also missed some other passes to wide open receivers I bet he wishes he could take back. The fumble on a promising looking drive by Darren McFadden and a pick from Russell on another promising drive was also part of the Raiders undoing.

This game should not have even been close going into the fourth quarter and by letting the Chargers hang around way to long it cost the Raiders the game.

With Jamarcus Russell hitting rookie wide receiver Louis Murphy for a 57-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter looked to have done in the Chargers with the Raiders taking the lead.

With just a little over two minutes left, the defense that had dominated the Chargers offense for much of the night started to play soft. Dropping their linebackers to deep allowing Rivers and Sproles to kill them underneath.

My take on the game is that the Chargers are a veteran team and are about as good as they are going to get. Many in the media already have them playing in the 2009 Super Bowl.

The Oakland Raiders are a very young team and are just starting to find themselves and should only get better game in and game out. And it looks like they gave the Chargers a look at their identity which is a very physical football team on both sides of the ball.

As heartbreaking as this loss was for the Raiders they told the AFC West and the rest of the NFL you better come to play when playing this young Raider team.  Coach Cable looks to be making good on his promise of putting the Raider back into Raider Football. 

I will not tell you what I think about the Raider reviews the Raiders get like the Louis Murphy Touchdown taken down—tuck rule anyone?


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