Fantasy Football News: In the Wake of Injury

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2009

Week One of the NFL is always good for a high-scoring game or two (Saints), a nail-biter (Bears vs. Packers), and a slew of injuries.

If you're an owner of Matt Cassel, Kevin Walter, or Pierre Thomas, you were feeling the effects of an injury to your roster before the action started.

But if you played Donovan McNabb, Anthony Gonzalez, or are still worrying about Wes Welker, then stay tuned.

For a little information on some injury updates, just go here. But if you want answers now in regards to Monday night players, as well as some insight on next week, keep reading.

Colts Receivers

Who knows how long Anthony Gonzalez will be out? All we know for sure is the guy dropped to the ground without being touched, and that is in no way a good thing.

This means a couple of things in the fantasy realm, however.

First, both Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne are must-have options, as they will be depended on more than ever to help Peyton Manning move the ball.

Second, start thinking about adding one (or both) of the next best things in Indy not named Gonzalez: rookie Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon.

Garcon is a speedy and athletic receiver with tons of big-play ability, while Collie has hands of glue and runs near-perfect routes.

Both receivers are fairly valuable in a Manning-led pass attack, and both warrant a roster spot, regardless if you're an owner still drying the tears from losing Gonzo (not Tony) for an extended period of time.

The Saints Situation

So much for Reggie Bush being a threat as a running back, right?


The Saints were facing a Lions defense that is still in its infancy under Jim Schwartz, and Sean Payton merely ran (literally) with what was working.

Bush will be opened up in that offense eventually. But Payton wasn't about to waste those sketchy knees on a former 0-16 Detroit squad.

Now, as for Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas...

Thomas is still hurt, and after Bell's ridiculous performance of a 5.1 YPC average on an insane 28 carries, well, we like the guy.

Payton wasn't lying during preseason when he said all three guys would factor into a new balanced attack. Take the advice. Add Bell to your roster if he's available.

Eagles Quarterbacks

It's becoming more and more likely that, injured ribs or not, Donovan McNabb may be forced into action against the Saints next week.

With Michael Vick still suspended and no one behind Kevin Kolb, the Eagles will either have to add another passer or throw McNabb to the wolves and see if he can withstand a beatdown from a much improved New Orleans defense.

Plain and simple: It's not likely.

Kolb should get the start, and you shouldn't start an Eagles quarterback next week.

Monday Night Madness

Fred Jackson could potentially be a very solid start against a Patriots defense without a true identity yet.

They lost a lot of veteran leadership in the offseason, and while they are immensely talented, their inexperience should allow for a potential shootout.

Yes, whether all the "experts" like it or not, this will not be a boring 21-7 New England win. While the Patriots will undoubtedly claim Buffalo's heads at the end of the game, it will be much more high-scoring.

Why? Because the NFL is predictable, doesn't do favors, and never acts as it should.

In other words, Trent Edwards is going to have a great game, his running game will have a lot of success, and we will see an epic battle between the "original" 81 and the "new" 81.

Do you really expect anything less from Randy Moss and Terrell Owens? I sure don't.

On a lighter note, the lack of an injury report on Wes Welker doesn't necessarily hurt his value for Monday night, but it oddly may help little-known Julian Edelman's stock.

While Tom Brady may be looking deep for Moss and Joey Galloway, expect Edelman to spot Welker more than you'd think in front of the nation.

It may be too late to add him to your starting lineup now (unless you were banking on Josh Reedβ€”don't), but keeping a close eye could make him valuable in deep leagues for the coming weeks.


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