A Yankee Hack on Georgia Football: Lessons Learned, Week One

Octavius MContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 29:  Georgia Bulldogs mascot UGA VII sits on the field before the game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sanford Stadium on November 29, 2008 in Athens, Georgia.  The Yellow Jackets defeated the Bulldogs 45-42.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

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Lessons Learned: Week One - (Loss) at Oklahoma State

Willie Martinez > Kevin Ramsey

Granted, he was given the entire summer to plan for this game, but Willie Martinez had an excellent game plan and even (gasp) made adjustments as the game went on.

Seriously, when the summary of your opponent's scoring reads like this...

TD Pass (Robinson to Bryant) 46 Yards.  Drive: 3 Plays, 68 Yards, 40 Seconds
FG (Bailey) 28 Yards.  Drive: 3 Plays, -8 Yards, 2 Minutes 40 seconds
TD Run (Robinson) 1 Yard.  Drive: 8 Plays, 24 Yards, 3 Minutes 21 Seconds
TD Pass (Robinson to Bryant) 12 Yards.  Drive: 4 Plays, 22 yards, 2 Minutes 28 Seconds

...what more can you ask of your Defense?  Three drives gaining 46 total Yards (while losing 8) for 17 points.

Oklahoma State has talent

The offensive line is excellent, Robinson is a tough, accurate and mobile QB who makes good decisions.  Kendall Hunter had exactly no place to run but gained tough yards where possible.

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Dez Bryant is an NFL talent...more about him later.

More importantly, Robinson and Hunter showed their mental toughness while things were not going their way.  Georgia (and Dez Bryant) could learn a lot by watching how those two kept their head in the game.

Apparently the $300 Million stadium renovation did not include space outside the field

Zac Robinson looked like he would fail a DUI Checkpoint Sobriety Test after he hit the wall just prior to halftime.  Joe Cox avoided the same fate in the Second half by riding on the back of his head and letting his backside hit the bench first.

All joking aside, that set up is a stretcher ride waiting to happen.

Dez Bryant will play in the NFL, but he is fortunate they did not open against Tennessee.

Unlike Kendall Hunter and Zac Robinson, Dez Bryant let the Georgia defense get to him and it affected his play.

Yes, his game stats look nice and the long TD catch was a fantastic play; but for a player who is supposed to be the next Michael Crabtree his game presence was minimal.

If he had been hit by UT's Eric Berry instead of Bryan Evans, he might not have finished the half.  If you took a poll of SEC WR's to find the "SEC's Hardest Hitter," Bryan Evans would not make the top 5 among SEC Safeties.  Bryant has all the talent, I will be curious to see how the rest of the year plays out.

Oklahoma State is a better team than Georgia

Quiet down about the officiating, the better team won.  The personal foul on Reshad Jones was absurd (particularly after a Chapas' helmet was knocked off and the flag picked up) but beyond the first drive, Georgia never looked like a team that deserved to win.

This team is beginning to remind me of the perennial "National Recruiting Championship" Texas teams that Mack Brown put together.  Just because you play in the SEC does not mean you get a win against another conference just by showing up.

Georgia is still underachieving

Worse, I am struggling to think of the last game where Georgia overachieved.  The win over Florida in 2007? 

The offensive play calling was horrific.

Final Comment

I would like to offer my services to Mike Bobo.  For no charge, I will sit next to him in the Coaches booth and READ HIM THE TIME ON THE GAME CLOCK!!!!!

Seriously, you are down by 10 point with 10 minutes in the game.  How about some urgency while the play clock is running?  A no-huddle perhaps?  You certainly were happy enough to run that during the second series.


Oklahoma State was/is better than Georgia.

Georgia needs to perform better.