Texas A&M-New Mexico: Surprisingly Strong Offense Drives Aggies Victory

Jim Cowan@jimicowanCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2009

Of course, as we all know, there are a lot of teams who consistently choose to pad their offseason schedule with a lineup of tomato cans. Florida plays Charleston Southern University, a (formerly) D-II school with a blistering enrollment of 3,000 kids. It's no surprise they're able to put up 60-plus points.

Tennessee is the same deal except that Western Kentucky is D-I and has 17,000 more students. But still, no surprise Lane Kiffin wanted to make a statement in his first game at Neyland. 

The same argument can also be made for Texas A&M's game one against the New Mexico Lobos.

New Mexico is not what anyone can consider a football powerhouse. Nevertheless, they are not the level of scrubinni as Florida International or Louisiana-Monroe, in my opinion at least.

That said, records were broken in College Station on Saturday. No, Von Miller did not bust through your grandma's door and jack her music collection. I'm talking about 606 yards of total offense.

Let me remind you I'm talking about the Texas A&M Fightin' Aggies! When was the last time they were in the top 10 in offensive production? I didn't actually look it up, but I'd bet it hasn't happened, maybe ever.

A&M's defense has always buttered the bread in College Station. While the phrase "Wrecking Crew" has become a distant memory of late, I don't know that anyone would expect the Aggies to become an offensive juggernaut.

I will not get ahead of myself here, not by any stretch. Like I said, it was against New Mexico. Show me some consistency, and do it against what the Big 12 South is going to bring, and I'll go all in. But it may be a point worth noting that last year the Ags just beat the Lobos in week two 28-22.

Some other points of success worth noting:

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Their D showed up as well. They allowed 21 yards rushing, only two field goals, and only 231 yards total...that's not too shabby for a bottom five defense a year ago.

Celebrate the week one win...for a minute. The Ags were penalized 14 times for 123 yards—unacceptable by any stretch.

The biggest surprise, even with the Johnson, Michael, the Jack position allowing six points, is that there seemed to be a little bit of attitude that there hasn't been in recent years. A little bit of swagger bordering on cockiness.

It's what they've needed for far too long. It's an attitude that they're going to need this season maybe more than others recently with Okie State deciding to step it up, TU and their 13th-year receiver, Tech who they cannot beat, and now Baylor with the superhuman Robert Griffin.

I'll say the same as I did for the Notre Dame's week one win...they did what they were supposed to do. I can only hope the Aggies remain on that track until week four when Arkansas travels to Dallas.