Newbie News: Austin Geer—Little Kid, Big NASCAR Dreams

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2009

Austin Geer is admittedly just a kid. He is six years old, an only child, and lives with his family in Johns Creek, Ga.

But Austin has big dreams. Although young in age, he is totally focused on his dream to someday race in NASCAR's big leagues, the Sprint Cup Series. 

Austin's dreams are so big, in fact, that he often dreams about racing with the big boys. According to his parents, Charles and Shawndra, he even makes the noise of racecars in his sleep.

Charles believes that his son acquired his interest in racing while still in the womb. 

"I raced the amateur road course circuit for 10 years," he said. "When my wife was pregnant with Austin, she used to come to watch me race and we believe that's when Austin began his love of racing."

Much like Jeff Gordon and his daughter Ella, the Geers have pictures of young Austin climbing in and out of his father's race car when he was just a baby.

"When Austin was three years old, he asked me to get him a racecar for his fourth birthday," Charles said. "That's when I began looking into quarter midgets."

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Austin started racing quarter midgets when he turned five. Of course, he had to have some alterations made on his racecar, including extra padding in the seat so he would at least be tall enough to see over the steering wheel.

Austin's father describes his son's first foray onto the race track, strapping the five-year-old into the racecar and showing him the gas and the brake pedals. His young son yelled, "Fire it up, Daddy," and he was off at full throttle.

Unfortunately, young Austin ran the car full out, forgetting where the brake pedal was located. While mom was cheering him on, dad's racer instincts told him that Austin instead needed to slow down.

"Austin tried to turn the car but plowed straight into the flexible soft wall," said papa Geer. "I knew my son was fine but we nearly had to take mom to the ER to be treated for shock."

Other than eating, breathing, and dreaming racing, Austin is just your normal six-year-old. He loves video games, watches the Disney Channel as much as he can, and enjoys playing with his new puppy, Ariel. 

Austin's favorite food is pizza, but according to his parents he also makes a mean, but admittedly very sloppy, peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In the first grade, Austin stands taller than some of his other classmates. For that reason, he is often a favorite to be chosen by his friends for pickup teams, especially basketball.

But Austin's first love is racing, and as soon as he gets out of school, he heads home, does his homework, and begins his lament to his father, "Dad, are you ready to go?"

And with a kiss for mom and his puppy, Austin is off the garage to work on his racecar with his father. Or, better yet, he is off to the track for practice.

Austin would practice every day if he could, and he gets that opportunity with the long race season, from March to November, in the south. He and his dad race every weekend, often traveling to other states—including Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee—to participate in their regional events.

This past July, Austin participated in his first national championship event. He won his semifinal heat race.

Austin is quick to tell you that he races quarter midgets, a smaller version of the USAC Midget Sprint cars that Cup drivers like NASCAR's championship point leader Tony Stewart started his career driving.

Austin lets you know that because he intends to follow in Stewart's foosteps and take that same path in his own racing career. 

This little man indeed is looking forward to fulfilling his big NASCAR dreams, that of racing with his idols in the years to come.