Tomlinson Says He--Not Peterson--Is The Best Running Back in The NFL

Andy RAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2009

Widely known for his calm personality and fighter's soul, LaDanian Tomlinson is one of the most beloved running backs of our era.

He became the fastest running back to 100 touchdowns and the first to catch 100 balls in a season. He was a class act both on and off the field.

Last season and the postseason before, Tomlinson has battled injuries that have taken a toll on the 30-year-old running back for San Diego. He has seen his performance dwindle and fans around the NFL took notice. They jumped off Tomlinson's bandwagon and hopped onto Peterson's.

One of the best running backs of all time, Jim Brown, is one of those people that have jumped on the young running backs wagon.

In a recent interview for Sporting News magazine, Jim Brown claims Adrian Peterson is the most complete running back in the NFL today.

Well, Tomlinson got a hold of the article and apparently took offense.

"I was sitting there reading it thinking, 'Wow,'" said Tomlinson to an L.A Times writer.

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"The difference with me is you can put me out on that field and there will be nothing I can't do.  I won't have to come off the field.  Adrian has to come off sometimes on third down.  Running routes, he's still not there yet."

If you ask me, these comments don't sound like a guy that's confident in his abilities. These comments are hate comments.

For years, Tomlinson was the unquestioned best running back in the NFL. Now some don't even think he's a top five running back.

Tomlinson needs to come to the reality that he's not what he once was. Age was shown her colors on Tomlinson.

Peterson doesn't "have" to come off on third downs. It's not his choice to come out of the game. It just so happens that backing up Peterson is a former 1,200 yard rusher who is easily one of the best backups in the NFL, Chester Taylor. You can't make a guy of Taylor's ability warm the bench all game long.

"But anything on that field you want me to do -- throw it, block -- I can do it.  That's what I pride myself on is not having any weaknesses.  And that's what makes me the best back," Tomlinson stated.

Well Tomlinson, your biggest strength could quickly turn into you greatest weakness: your ego.

I didn't know that all those turf toe injuries could go to your head.

While it's true that Peterson may not be the best route runner or receiver, he is without a doubt the best running back. His explosiveness, agility, and brute strength make him the best running back.

Just because Tomlinson is a better receiver doesn't make him a better running back. Is Tomlinson more complete than Peterson? Sure he is, but by no means is he a better running back.

I hope someone gives Peterson these statements from Tomlinson. It may be that extra motivation that puts him past 2,000 yards. As if Peterson needed any more motivation. The guy is a beast and easily the best running back in the NFL.


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