Internet Reacts to Rockets Completing Series Comeback over Clippers

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistMay 17, 2015

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The Houston Rockets capped off an improbable series victory by pulling out a 113-100 win over the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals on Sunday. Of course, the Internet had some fun at the Clippers' expense.

Houston rallied from a 3-1 series hole, made possible by a 19-point comeback on the road in Game 6. The Game 6 collapse pretty much signaled the end of the Clippers' season.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson wasted no time in giving his thoughts on the Clippers' collapse.

Earvin Magic Johnson @MagicJohnson

I thought the Spurs taught the Clippers how to win after a tough 7 game series. I was wrong. The Clippers are still the Clippers.

Earvin Magic Johnson @MagicJohnson

The Clippers organization will always remember not closing out the Rockets in Game 6 at home. That game will always haunt them.

Paul summed up the feeling after the game:

The Clippers weren't feeling too great after the loss, but the Internet was having a field day.

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