ROH Rewind: Wolves, Players and a Little Bit of Boom!

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst ISeptember 1, 2009

After two excellent main events in a row, would we finally get a triple? Is there a chance to see Colt Cabana actually get a win? Could ROH put on a better show than RAW? Brilliant questions, but will they get answered?

Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak introduced the show, before starting to hype up both the eight-man elimination tag match and the fact that one of the competitors for the Embassy is none other than Prince Nana! They questioned whether or not a manager would be able to compete at a top level.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Delirious

As Dutt came down to the ring, the announcers talked about his early days with ROH and how he'd been able to move on to bigger things. This was actually Sonjay's first match since leaving TNA.

The match started with a very slow feeling out period as Delirious and Dutt tried to work out the weaknesses in the other. Dutt was able to gain the early advantage with a quick Headscissors to the outside, followed by his version on a 619 onto Delirious on the floor.

Rolling him back to the inside, Dutt continued the beatdown on Delirious with hard strikes to the back and chest, before taunting the crowd.

This gave Delirious the opportunity to mount a comeback, but this was quickly shut down when Dutt showed fantastic agility to land on his feet after an attempted German Suplex.

This led straight into a back and forth sequence, with Dutt trying to dip into his repertoire of high-flying moves, while Delirious countered every time with his attempts at the Cobra Stretch.

After countering an Irish Whip, Delirious hitched in the Cobra Stretch, but Dutt got his foot on the ropes to force the break.

Delirious followed up with a Shadows Over Hell off the top rope, but Dutt rolled out of the way, before trying to get the pin.

This was the start of a line of attempted pins by both men, who'd counter from one pin to another. Delirious got the better of the exchange, pinning Dutt's shoulders to the mat for the three.

Winner: Delirious by pinfall (11:30)

After the match, Dutt shook Delirious's hand as per the Code of Honor, slightly odd considering he played the heel, but a good throwback nonetheless.

Next, we are shown a pre-taped session of Prince Nana with the Embassy. He is talking to them and trying to motivate them to victory over the Cabana team. He finishes up by saying how they were going to "climb the ranks of this stinking company."

A video package was shown, hyping up the tag team division, but mainly focusing on the Young Bucks and The Briscoe Brothers, the latter of which has a match next week to determine the No. 1 contenders for the tag team belts.

This led into the second bout of the evening.

The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) vs Cheech and Cloudy (Non-title match)

In an ominous sign, Cheech and Cloudy were already in the ring unannounced before the arrival of The American Wolves. That's usually not a good thing.

During the Wolves entrance, the announcers addressed the tag team situation, mentioning many teams that were in contention for a run at the gold, including The Briscoes, The Young Bucks, and Steenerico.

This was a great hype of what a strong Tag Team division ROH has, compared to that of WWE or even TNA!

Cheech and Cloudy took the early advantage over the champions, double-dropkicking them to the outside after the bell rang. They attempted to follow up with a set of double dives to the outside, but missed when both the Wolves moved out of the way.

Edwards threw Cloudy into the ringside barrier, while Richards worked over Cheech with a set of hard chops to the chest. All except Cloudy rolled back into the ring, where the Wolves continued the atttack.

Cloudy made his way back to the apron and received the hot tag from Cheech. Cloudy started off fast, but was outnumbered by the Wolves, who hit a sick powerbomb combination, followed up by the Half Crab from Edwards for the submission.

Winners: The American Wolves by Submission (2:00)

After the match, The Dark City Fight Club stormed the ring, attacking Cheech while telling us of their intentions to stay in the Tag Team fight, even though Jon Davis is currently injured.

Next, we were treated to the Cabana's version of the promo from earlier. This was a classic Colt moment, filled with comedy and seriousness at the same time, with Brent Albright failing in attempting to keep a straight face during proceedings.

This was a nice change of pace from the Embassy's talk, highlighting the different characters in the main event tonight.

Back at ringside, Hogewood and Prazak talked about Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn from last week, before hyping their main event match for the following week. They also hyped a sit-down interview with Lynn which was shown after the commercial.

They started with a brief video package of last weeks promo, followed by slices of talking from Lynn about how next weeks match was important to keep him in contention for the Heavyweight gold.

They finished off with him putting Black over, but by saying how he needed to and was going to win next week.

Coming back to this week, we were ready to the third match of evening.

Erick Stevens vs. Silas Young

Stevens got the upper hand straight away with a series of power moves, but was quickly countered by Young, who hit Stevens with a shot to the throat.

Young continued to beat down on Stevens, but lost the advantage after Stevens countered a top rope cross-body into an impressive Samoan Drop. Stevens attempted the pin, but it was rolled through by Young who got the near fall.

Young then continued the offence with a solid knee to the gut. He tried to hit his finishing sequence, but it was reversed into a snap German suplex by Stevens.

Stevens Irish-whipped Young to the corner, where he followed up with a Choo-choo splash and a hard clothesline. He finished up by hitting the Doctor Bomb for the clean pinfall victory.

Winner: Erick Stevens by pinfall (6:00)

We headed backstage, where Kyle Durden is waiting with Eddie Kingston. He talks about how Chris Hero is deliberately avoiding him, but when they eventually meet, it will be a huge confrontation. This then led into this week's main event elimination tag team match.

The Embassy (Claudio Castagnoli, Jimmy Rave, Ernie Osiris and Prince Nana) vs. The Cabana (Colt Cabana, Brent Albright, Grizzly Redwood and Necro Butcher)

Before the bell even rang, this descended into an all-out brawl, with Rave/Butcher and Redwood/Osiris pairing off and everyone else just throwing punches in all directions. Prince Nana quickly bailed, leaving the Embassy at a distinct disadvantage.

The Embassy gained the upperhand after Rave interfered from the outside to distract Redwood, leaving him open to the double-team attacks. However, he was able to create enough distance to tag out with Necro Butcher.

Rave and Castagnoli ganged up on Butcher, but lost the advantage after Rave was taken out.

This led to a classic moment when the entire Cabana and half of the front-row fans linked hands and pulled on Necro, allowing him to out extra pressure on an Abdominal Stretch that was being applied on Castagnoli.

The Cabana beat down on Rave, until Osiris tagged in blind. This was missed by all of the Cabana members, who then took turns to dive at Rave on the outside. They all missed him. When Redwood went to dive, Osiris went for the sneak attack, gaining the pin and the elimination.

Grizzly Redwood eliminated

Now with the numbers advantage, the Embassy took control of the match by working over Cabana in their corner. When they turned their backs, Cabana ran back to his side of the ring and tagged in Albright.

Albright cleaned house, before hitting Castagnoli with a missile dive to the outside. Both men started brawling into the crowds, where they were counted out, eliminating both men in one go.

Brent Albright and Claudio Castagnoli eliminated

Back in the ring, Necro started to attack Rave, but was double-teamed by Nana and Osiris, who dragged him to the outside. They then put a chair to Necro's bad ankle, before driving it into the apron. This set up for Rave's Heel Hook submission, with Necro tapping out.

Necro Butcher eliminated

Despite being at a three-to-one disadvantage, Cabana was able to throw Rave to the outside, before hitting the Colt .45 on Osiris for the quick pin.

Ernie Osiris eliminated

Rave and Cabana continued the back and forth, before Rave tagged in Nana, who took two shots and then tagged back out again.

Rave looked to have the advantage, but Cabana countered a Rave Spear into a small package, earning the pin at the same time.

Jimmy Rave eliminated

Cabana quickly took the upperhand over the inexperienced Prince Nana, and was able to hit a quick headbutt and a submission to win the match.

Prince Nana eliminated

Cabana celebrated in the ring as everyone cheered him for finally getting his hands on Prince Nana.

Winners: The Cabana (18:30 with Colt Cabana as sole survivor)

The show finished with Hogewood and Prazak hyping next weeks matches between The Briscoes and Rhett Titus/Kenny King, as well as the main event of Tyler Black vs Jerry Lynn.


Compared to what has been on television recently, this was the best wrestling show I have seen in ages! It had the perfect blend of short, comedic promos and quality matches.

The main event had many memorable spots, with the result helping to elevate Colt Cabana to a higher level without making the Embassy look bad. This will really help him enter the upper echelon of talent in ROH.

The tag team match between the Wolves and C+C helped to show the American Wolves skill, but without totally burying Cheech and Cloudy.

The debut of Sonjay Dutt was a great start, but was slightly confusing in my eyes, as he played the heel well, but still followed the Code of Honor.

Is this the start of a tweener role for him? I hope so myself, but that's just me. All in all, a fantastic showing from ROH, which only looks to get better next week!

Show Grade: I'll award this an A, for the simple case that it was a fantastic episode of wrestling that pushed everything in the right direction!

Match Quality

1. The Embassy vs The Cabana

2. Sonjay Dutt vs Delirious

3. Erick Stevens vs Silas Young

4. The American Wolves vs Cheech and Cloudy (Only because it didn't go on for very long)

Weekly Top Five

1. Colt Cabana

2. Jimmy Rave

3. Delirious

4. Sonjay Dutt

5. Prince Nana

Until next time, this was Hayley Graham, and that was the ROH rewind!


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