Kentucky QB Drew Barker Attacked on Video by EKU Player Patrick Graffree

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2015

AP Images

Video has surfaced of a January 25 incident at Eastern Kentucky's Telford Hall, when EKU lineman (and former Kentucky player) Patrick Graffree sucker-punched Kentucky quarterback Drew Barker in the side of the head. 

Kentucky.com released the graphic security footage on YouTube.

On Thursday, EKU issued a statement regarding the players involved in the incident and indicated they would be suspended, per Matt Jones of KSR Radio:

Matt Jones @KySportsRadio

EKU puts out statement suspending players involved in the fight with the UK players http://t.co/Wj0dTahXQ3

According to Greg Kocher of Kentucky.com, there was a bar fight on the same evening between EKU's Colton Scurry and Kentucky's Barker, Dorian Baker and Tymere Dubose at Jerzee's Cocktail Lounge & Dance Club in Richmond. According to an investigative report from the Richmond police, Scurry threw the first punch in the incident. 

A Madison County grand jury decided against indicting any of the players involved in the incident, however, per Kocher's report.

On the same evening, the three Kentucky players later entered Telford Hall with Anna-Elizabeth Marcinek, a student who lived there, when Graffree removed his shirt and struck Barker before the three Kentucky players were escorted out of the building. 

The incidents will potentially lead to a charged environment on October 3, when Kentucky faces EKU in Lexington.    

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