NBA 2K15: Derrick Rose and Paul George Return to Roster, New MyTeam Cards, More

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 13, 2015

Image from NBA 2K15, provided by 2K Sports

The Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose and Indiana Pacers' Paul George made their way back to their teams' lineups in real life, and thus they have been added back to the active NBA 2K15 roster. Rose had played this season but suffered a torn meniscus and missed six weeks.

While his return is big news and a welcomed addition to the real and virtual Bulls, George's comeback after a gruesome leg injury is in fact bigger than basketball. That's why 2K Sports was moved to put together this video tribute celebrating PG13's return to the Pacers lineup.

Expect to see a few more people selecting the Bulls and Pacers online.


Chris Smoove's Splash of Oops

Chris Smoove is the most popular NBA 2K YouTuber in the world with over 2.3 million subscribers. His latest MyCareer video features a "splash of oops" and a nasty facial on the Atlanta Hawks' Al Horford. Amidst the voice-modulated flare that Smoove brings to his videos is also some solid gameplay.

If you want to know how to effectively play the passing lanes for steals, you should watch his technique in this video.

MyLeague and MyGM

Draft Class in Process

The real NBA draft is coming up in June. All of the statistics for college and international prospects have been recorded by sites like and DraftExpress. If you're a meticulous roster and draft class creator like me, you need as much statistical data as there is available to make your rosters as real as possible.

Thus far, I've rated and created about 18 of the top prospects for a draft class that will be available to the PlayStation 4 community. Check out one of the latest updates featuring Duke Blue Devils star Justise Winslow. These draft classes are purely user-generated and not endorsed by 2K Sports.


Tar Heels and Wildcats

The MyTeam challenges and goodies continue to roll. The latest challenge tasks gamers with taking on a team made up of the best alumni from the North Carolina Tar Heels and Arizona Wildcats.

The tweet below announces the challenge's arrival.

Pink Diamond Paul George and More

To further celebrate George's return to the lineup and active roster on the game, 2K released a new Pink Diamond version of the Pacers star in the MyTeam collection. 

Robby, a MyTeam expert and YouTuber, breaks down the new card in the video below. George is souped up for his return and ready to dominate in the mode.

Not to be overshadowed by George's addition to the MyTeam collection, gamers also got access to new Onyx versions of Chris Paul, Danny Granger and Jermaine O'Neal. 

It seemed MyTeam had a strong Pacers feel this week.


MyTeam Tutorial

In the latest episode of 2KTV, Robby returns to give a thorough breakdown for those who haven't yet gotten into MyTeam. It can truly be an overwhelming mode if you don't have someone to guide you through. Robby gives some pointers and best practices for newbies.

Dev Speak

Pining for Details

Gameplay producer Jerson Sapida has carved his own niche within the 2K community as the signature animation guy for the NBA 2K team. He sent this tweet out to the community recently looking for the details that can hopefully make NBA 2K16 even more realistic than NBA 2K15.

Off the top, we need to have Pau Gasol blowing in his hands before shooting free throws and James Harden's stirring motion after made three-point baskets.

I'll be thinking of more now that I've been prompted.

Calling All All-Stars

On Saturday, community manager Chris "LD2K" Manning put together a star-studded stream featuring some of the most well-known NBA 2K ballers in the community.

Things didn't work out well for LD2K's squad. In fact, the team led by Nick the Bulls Fan won all five games. Maybe LD2K will want to redraft his team for the next session.

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