Boxing Champ Danny Garcia Reveals He Has 6 Toes on Right Foot

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 10, 2015


"Quick! Grab the strong foot!"

I don't think this idea entirely applies here, but it's one of the first things conjured in the mind after hearing of Danny Garcia's secret weapon: his six-toed right foot.

The boxer showed off the extra digit in a TMZ interview. When asked to reveal something embarrassing about himself, he took off his shoe and sock, and—bam—sixth toe.

"When I was a little kid I was embarrassed to tell people I had six toes, and I still do have six toes," Garcia said, adding, "That's why I've never been down and I never lose my balance."

Six toes! The ultimate, non-Komodo-dragon-pheromone-related competitive advantage!

I don't know how much polydactylism has contributed to Garcia's ventures as an undefeated light welterweight champion (29-0), but it probably doesn't hurt. More toes, more balance. Seems pretty open-and-closed to me.

So stay clear of this man's right hook. He's got an extra-wide power base on that side, and you never want to tangle with the strong foot.

Dan is on Twitter. Clear eyes, strong foot, can't lose.


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