The Hart Family Dungeon: Enter If You Dare

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 3, 2009

What exactly is a dungeon?

“A dungeon is a room or cell in which prisoners are kept, especially underground.”

Well in the pro wrestling world the term is a whole different animal.

Let’s take a stroll into the Hart Family mansion where it holds a great amount of sites and scenes. But the most respected site in the house is the basement itself or should I say “The Dungeon”.   

Instead of prisoners Stu Hart took in pro wrestlers looking to make their break in the wrestling world.

But to compare both (prisoners and wrestlers) they were both punished but the wrestlers were punished to be pushed to success.

 Just surviving the grueling hours and sweat, blood and diligent work that comes with being a wrestler is an achievement of its own. But to become a top performer is icing on the cake.

The dungeon started out as an ordinary basement but then transformed into a legacy.

Stu Hart the father of Bret & Owen Hart created the notorious training facility for fellow Stampede wrestlers.

The dungeon did not just stop with wrestlers it also help bulk up strongmen competitors and football players.

As time went by “The Hart Family Dungeon” became the place to train for all hungry wrestlers looking to make a big break.

There is no wonder why wrestler around the world hold a great amount of respect for the Hart Family and “The Dungeon” training facility.

For years no one really knew of the happenings of the mysterious dungeon or why it created such success for upcoming wrestlers.

But they didn’t need to know as Stu Hart formula was working and dishing out awesome performers day by day.

Did Stu Hart jump into a time machine and read Sulayman latest piece?

It would seem as all of the great talents coming from “The Dungeon” has had great success:

  •         Bret & Owen Hart
  •         “Superstar” Billy Graham
  •          Greg Valentine
  •          Bad News Allen
  •          Davey Boy Smith
  •          Brian Pillman
  •          Justin Liger
  •          Chris Jericho
  •          Lance Storm

And latest graduates Natalya Neidhart (First Women Graduate & daughter of Jim Neidhart), David Hart Smith (Davey Boy Smith’s son) & Tyson Kidd.

Those three have promising careers as well as they have showed glimpses of success already only time can tell.

Like stated above no one really knows the back story of “The Dungeon” but Bret has lend a comment or so on a few interviews:

He has described “The Dungeon” as having holes in the walls and ceiling from bodies being driven into them.

Bret also described some training sessions as being just as intense as MMA sessions, “Now that’s tough”.

The late great Beniot has also a provided some words on the love & respect he showed for “The Dungeon”:

“I take a lot of pride in being one of the last guys that had the hands-on training from Stu Hart when I went to the Hart family to train . . . It was a good experience just to be there, to imagine all the people that had been through there, and all the blood, sweat, and tears that had been paid . . . Going to the Hart family for training was kind of like, if you're a very religious person, going to the Vatican.”

There is no doubt that “The Dungeon” was an epic training facility that wrestlers still praised to this day.

After years of blood, sweat, pain and hard work “The Dungeon” was shut down due to Stu Hart’s death (October 18, 2003).

The Hart Family made the hard decision to shut the mansion down and give it up for sale due to the high property taxes that they couldn’t afford.

Although it is shut down you can enjoy the greatness of “The Dungeon” through “The Hart Dynasty” and Chris Jericho.

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