National Dog Show 2014 Results: Best in Show and List of Winners

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor INovember 27, 2014

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 09: A Bearded Collie is sprayed with water while being shown during the 133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden February 9, 2009 in New York City. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is considered the most important in the United States.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
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2014 is the year of the bloodhound.

Beating out thousands of other dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, Nathan, a gorgeous bloodhound, captured Best in Show at the 2014 National Dog Show. 

NBC Sports @NBCSports

HERE'S YOUR WINNER! Nathan the Bloodhound has won the 2014 National Dog Show. http://t.co/5twtAeAaQb http://t.co/9BW6N8GXQC

Nathan and his handler, Heather Helmer, were able to narrowly beat out the Samoyed, who earned Reserve Best in Show. Here's a look at all the winners from the event, which has become an annual staple of Thanksgiving Day.

Terrier Group

2014 National Dog Show: Terrier Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassSmooth Fox TerrierGCh Absolutely Signature
SecondScottish TerrierGCh Mcvans To Russia With Love
ThirdNorfolk TerrierGCh Yarrow Venerie Ticket To Ride
FourthAmerican Staffordshire TerrierGCh Angarda Deja Vu Looking At You

Known for their energy and, ahem, dogged determination, dogs from the Terrier Group are an undoubtedly exciting bunch.

The Wire Fox Terrier won Best in Show in both 2011 and 2012, and the Norfolk Terrier took Reserve Best in Show last year (the Terrier Group has produced five overall winners since the competition's inception in 2001), but it was the playful Smooth Fox Terrier taking the always competitive group.

Toy Group

2014 National Dog Show: Toy Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassAffenpinscherGCh Yarrows Hi-Tech Ben There Done That
SecondPekingeseGCh Pequest General Tso
ThirdPugGCh Capers Sirius Endeavor
FourthToy Fox TerrierGCh Ultra Quest Go For The Gold NAJ

While many groups in the show feature dogs that are adept at hunting, the dogs from the Toy Group class don't have nearly as many functions.

Still, there's little doubt that the ferocious little guys are filled with personality and provide their owners with endless amounts of joy. Just take a look at the Pekingese, which finished second, and try not to smile:

NBC Entertainment @nbc

Just showing off. #TheDogShow #pekingese http://t.co/DpdErwWj2F

Working Group

2014 National Dog Show: Working Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassSamoyedGCh Pebbles Run Play It Again Ham
SecondAkitaGCh CR – Wicca’s Trade Secret
ThirdBernese Mountain DogGCh Tallpines Life Of The Party
FourthStandard SchnauzerGCh Mistics Longfellow Serenade

Intelligent and powerfully built, Working Group dogs are perhaps best known for their ability to perform outdoor tasks, such as pulling sleds. However, they are also very capable guard dogs.

While the beautiful Samoyed was certainly deserving of the Best in Group distinction (and Reserve Best in Show), it may just have been the Komondorotherwise known as the car wash dogwho stole the show:

NBC Entertainment @nbc

"The Car Wash Special." #TheDogShow #komondor http://t.co/cD2K4dFzCo

Sporting Group

2014 National Dog Show: Sporting Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassSetter (Gordon)GCh Sandpipers Shore Why Knot!
SecondSpaniel (Field)GCh Sandscape Pardon Me Boys
ThirdRetriever (Golden)GCh Forevers All Jacked Up CGC
FourthWeimaranerGCh Docs Greyborn North Star Of Acadia

Many of the dogs from the Sporting Group are unsurprisingly tremendous hunters, but they are also fantastic companions. Purina's Twitter feed noted an intriguing fact about one particular breed:

Purina @Purina

#FunFact: The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon has a wiry coat to protect it from brambles when in the field! #TheDogShow http://t.co/D9tKefZKYb

Perhaps the most famous breed of the group is the Golden Retriever, but the sturdy, muscular Gordon Setter was able to capture top honors this year.

Hound Group

2014 National Dog Show: Hound Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassBloodhoundGCh Flessner’s International S’Cess
SecondBeagle 15 InchGCh Pun Kotzky Treasure Island
ThirdScottish DeerhoundGCh Foxcliffe Chelsea Piers
FourthTreeing Walker CoonhoundGCh Cherry Creek Confetti

The Hound Group is a relatively new one, as it recently separated from the Sporting Group, proving that college athletics aren't the only ones with conference realignment.

Known for their scenting prowess, hounds are clearly gaining in popularity and have now produced two consecutive Best in Show victors. An American Fox Hound took the honor in 2013, preceding Nathan's big win this year.

Non-Sporting Group

2014 National Dog Show: Non-Sporting Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassFrench BulldogGCh Divas Bastille My Heart
SecondXoloitzcuintliGCh Bayshore Georgio Armani
ThirdDalmatianGCh Merry Go Round Coach Master
FourthChinese Shar-PeiCh Tzo Wen N Xiao Mais Rhythm Of Rio

The Non-Sporting Group is known for its variety. Featuring everything from my personal favorite, the Chow Chow, to the famous Dalmation, it is an extremely diverse group.

As such, there were plenty of solid choices for the judge, but the French Bulldogand its widely recognizable facewas undoubtedly a deserving winner.

Herding Group

2014 National Dog Show: Herding Group
PositionBreedRegistered Name
Best in ClassBearded CollieGCh Dunhill Steeler Nation
SecondAustralian ShepherdGCh Legacys Power Play
ThirdShetland SheepdogGCh Acadia Stage Presence
FourthBouvier des FlandresGCh Obvious Sonic Boom

As the name suggests, dogs from the Herding Group are all capable of controlling the movement of other animals. Collies, Sheepdogs and German Shepherds are all members of the impressive group.

After an exciting 2014 edition, fans will once again be looking ahead to Thanksgiving 2015 for the annual tradition to continue.

However, dog show fans won't have to wait much longer for competition as February's Westminster Dog Show will surely captivate fans as it does every year too. 

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