14 Athletes Who Are Absolutely Not Giving 110%

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2014

14 Athletes Who Are Absolutely Not Giving 110%

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    Playing a sport for a living, most of us sports fans would think every athlete will always go as hard as they can, giving the cliched 110 percent in order to win, right?


    Just like you or I feel when we wake up and don't want to go to work, sometimes, our favorite players have the exact same feeling, just uninterested in actually doing their jobs.

    And because there have been a few examples of guys showing a lack of desire, here are some that will make you realize athletes say, "no thanks," every once in awhile.

Keisuke Honda's Corner Kick

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    Does this count as an example of an athlete taking a dive or failing to give a great effort? Not exactly.

    But I can't help but think soccer player Keisuke Honda could have performed his job a bit better than he showed during this corner kick attempt during a match a few months ago.

    I mean, when people generally regard it as a the worst corner kick ever, that's usually honors no player wants to hold.

    C'mon man, at least give your teammates a chance to score a goal!

Christian Friedrich's Awareness Is Lacking

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    Much like the previous play I mentioned with Keisuke Honda's miserable attempt at a corner kick, the Colorado Rockies and, more specifically, their pitcher Christian Friedrich, might want to put a bit more effort into doing their jobs properly.

    After a wild pitch with the bases loaded—which is bad enough—Friedrich had the ball in his glove and still fell asleep long enough to let an opposing player score, in what turned out being one of the worst plays a fan will ever see.

    I'm not saying the pitcher intentionally did it, but taking concentration away for that long proved to be a serious mistake. 

The Video Game Tackle Attempt

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    In the history of tackling attempts in football, has anyone ever seen something this poor?

    One of the most hilarious efforts you'll ever see from a defender, this Philadelphia Eagles player showed very little effort in trying to bring down Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Jarrett Brown a couple preseasons ago.

    I'm sure he wanted to make an impression on his coaches to show  he was trying, but that's not the way to do it.

Anthony Bennett Isn't About Setting Screens

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    David Liam Kyle/Getty Images

    I really wish I had a video of current Minnesota Timberwolves forward and former No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett's piss-poor screen attempt.

    Alas, all I actually have is this link to show the gif of Bennett seemingly taking his sweet-ass time to set up a pick-and-roll in a game last season while still with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Hey, Anthony, want to have people stop thinking you're a bust? You might want to avoid having lazy plays like this and start doing your job just a little bit better.

Clayton Kershaw's No Gold-Glover

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    He's the top pitcher in all of baseball anywhere on the planet, but Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw showed that, at least on one play, he wasn't really into proper fielding technique.

    During a game against the Colorado Rockies in 2013, the lefty hoped to slow down a rolling ball from a bunt by just throwing his glove at the darn thing.

    Although Kershaw's glove missed the ball, the Rockies dugout wasn't all too pleased with his move.

    Who needs fielding practice when you can just do something like this without getting in trouble?

Tom Brady's Not Terrific at Tackling

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    He's a future Hall of Fame quarterback, but the New England Patriots' Tom Brady showed he will not be crossing over to a defender anytime soon.

    Brady proved that when he had one of the most disgusting "attempts" at a tackle after throwing an interception against the San Francisco 49ers in a game in 2012, running along the side of a few Niners players before bailing out without making a play.

    Considering he's the face of the franchise and has three Super Bowl rings, I'm sure the coaches weren't all that upset with his decision.

Rudy Gobert Thinks Twice

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    Can anyone really blame Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert for bailing on blocking a shot after seeing Blake Griffin charging towards the rim?

    Probably not.

    After all, Griffin has had his fair share of posterizing other players, and Gobert didn't want to be the next guy added to that list.

    Gobert did leave his feet and presumably went up with the intention to block the shot, so why not at least foul Griffin if he wasn't going to contest it?

Peyton Manning Isn't Interested in Tackling

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    Much like the aforementioned Tom Brady's terrible tackling attempt, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning showed that he isn't up for giving much of an effort when it comes to taking down an opposing player.

    Tossing a pick against the San Diego Chargers in a game a couple seasons ago, the greatest passer in league history was forced to play defense—well, sort of.

    Chasing the play as three Chargers stormed towards him, Peyton took the easy way out, sliding to the ground and avoiding getting hit as San Diego took the ball to the house for a pick six.

Nick Swisher Failing to Run One Out

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    Sure, there have been tons of instances where baseball players have caught some heat for not hustling, but Nick Swisher of the Cleveland Indians might be the worst.

    Following a dribbler down the third base line against the Detroit Tigers in 2013, Swisher seemed to try and use his mental power to make the ball go foul, actually backing out of the batter's box and turning away from the play.

    Rather than psyche everyone out into thinking the ball wasn't in fair territory, Tigers catcher Brayan Pena ran over to Swish and tagged him out.

    So much for setting an example by running it out, huh?

Chinese Hurdler Doesn't Believe in Hurdling

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    So much for the actual rules of an entire sport, huh?

    I'm not sure if this Chinese hurdler is aware, but the event is named hurdles because those things that are placed on the track are actually supposed to be hurdled over, not run through.

    Nevertheless, he didn't care too much, deciding he didn't need that kind of obstacle.

Who's Scared? Todd Pinkston's Scared

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    In all the years that I've watched sports, I seriously haven't seen anything like this—a pro athlete who's actually afraid of doing his job.

    Yet, there was former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Todd Pinkston doing exactly that, doing everything he could in order to avoid getting hit by then Washington Redskins safety Ryan Clark on a play during Monday Night Football a few years ago.

    Just as announcer Joe Theismann mentioned, some receivers get alligator arms, but Pinkston had alligator body, freezing with Clark in pursuit.

Chris Kaman Is Not into Sitting

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    With his Los Angeles Lakers leading by 23 points in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, then L.A. big man Chris Kaman was over it.

    Deciding that his teammates didn't need any more of his services, Kaman figured he would just stretch out and take up five seats on the Lakers bench, closing his eyes and showing general disinterest towards what was going on the court.

    Although Kobe Bryant wasn't too happy with the move, Kaman seemed to love the reaction he got with all of the Internet memes that popped up afterwards.

DeAndre Hopkins Doesn't Fumble for a Recovery

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    This one just happened a few weeks ago, so I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who saw it and dropped your jaw in amazement.

    While the aforementioned Todd Pinkston didn't want to get drilled while going for a catch, current Houston Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins wasn't about to take an unnecessary hit going into a pile for a fumble—even if the game was on the line.

    Trailing by five in the fourth quarter against the Indianapolis Colts, Hopkins made one of the lamest attempts on a loose ball, pulling up rather than go head-first to try and scoop it up.

    As you might expect, Hopkins had a few interesting reasons for why he didn't come up with it.

Albert Haynesworth Gives Zero Effort

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    While former NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth lounging on the ground during a play was bad, it makes it even more embarrassing knowing this guy, at one time, was the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the league.

    With this kind of effort, it makes me wonder how he even made it into the league.

    Falling to the ground after battling for about three seconds with Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, Big Al figured one of his other teammates would make a play on quarterback Michael Vick, choosing to just stay in the turf and watch how things unfolded.

    This one's so bad Haynesworth probably could have sipped an entire margarita by the time the play was complete.


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