The Greatest Sports Uniforms of All Time

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IMay 12, 2008

Many people on this website write about their favorite team or other issues in sports.  I have decided to compile an article of my favorite sports uniforms. Some teams decide to change their uniforms to appeal to the fans or to break a curse. Some of my favorites might surprise you because of their controversial color schemes. 

For Major League Baseball, this team won't surprise you.  The New York Yankees' uniforms are understandable because their jerseys have not been altered for years. The pinstripes have been emulated by the cross-town Mets, the Chicago Cubs, the White Sox and the Diamondbacks inaugural home jerseys.

The pinstripes are identified with the Yankees, baseball, and most of New York.  When the Yankees were in Japan in 2004 to open their season, they were requested to wear the famous pinstripes. 

The Yankees' cap also hasn't changed since the early 20th century when they added their famous interlocking NY. Overall, the Yankees design is simple and still looks great on the field.

The late 1980's and early 1990's in sports came with many new expansion teams (Marlins, Panthers, Jaguars, Hornets) which also meant teams opting to choose teal with their uniforms.  In the NBA, I absolutely love the Charlotte Hornets' jerseys.

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Their uniforms had a very interesting color scheme with the teal and purple look.  Their home jerseys were white with the teal writing which really differentiated them from other teams. 

Their most interesting jersey though was the purple alternate jersey.  A violet look had really only been done by the Lakers when they moved to Los Angeles.  The Hornets home jersey also sometimes had pinstripes on it.

As from the Yankees, you can see my affinity for pinstripes.  The teal away-jersey was a very vibrant color and recently I purchased an Alonzo Mourning teal jersey.  This jersey was very original in the NBA for that time and was so innovative that the Vancouver Grizzlies decided to use teal as their primary color. 

The NFL has had many different types of odd uniforms.  Whether it be the Bronco's orange home jerseys or the early Buccaneers uniforms, teams have tried anything for their uniforms to be noticeable.  But is "noticeable" what defines a great athletic outfit? No; and that's why I like the 49ers jersey from their glory days.

There is something about those caramel-colored pants with the red top and white numbers.  Seeing Joe Montana lead drives against the Bengals in the Super Bowl, those uniforms stood out.  These uniforms are simple, but the colors always make a statement. 

The modern-day 49ers uniforms don't exactly do it for me. Their design is too complicated.

In hockey, it was tough to identify a favorite.  Hockey uniforms offer more design options because of the long sleeves.

Powder blue is a favorite color of mine. The Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys that debuted in the 1971-72 season have the powder-blue design.  In the middle it had the Penguins logo which is one of my favorite logos of all time.  It is an interesting-looking logo because the Penguin is holding a hockey stick. This jersey is so much different than any of their other jerseys; therefore, it is very original.

Those are my favorites, feel free to leave your comments.