College Football On an MLB Field: Dream Matchups

Nick SheSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2009

What does it take to attract even more attention to an already popular sporting event?  How about an interesting curve.  Recently Notre Dame and Army have announced that they will meet in Yankee Stadium for a college football game in the fall of 2010.  Ron Zook also made his urge for Illinois to play Northwestern at Wrigley Field in the future felt on Monday.

These are alright matchups, sure.  Notre Dame and Army have a strong history back in the early days of collegiate football and Illinois and Northwestern has turned into an okay match-up over the past decade in the last week of Big Ten play. 

It would be cool to see the Wildcats play the Illini in the Chicago Cubs' home ballpark, but what would be the neatest match-ups to have played in a professional baseball stadium?  Here's my answer to that very question...

No. 5:  Georgia vs. Florida at Turner Field

The two have met in Jacksonville, FL in every meeting except twice during the nineties since 1929.  Jacksonville is nearly five hours closer to the campus of Florida, making it that much more of a home game for the Gators.  Wouldn't it make sense to see this teams play closer to UGA's backyard once in a while?

No. 4:  USC vs. UCLA in Dodger Stadium

Rick Neuheisel has UCLA headed in the right direction, or at least he makes it sound that way while USC continues to be a power.  Instead of worrying about who's home field the game is on, wouldn't it be cool to see the two meet in a true neutral site game?  Heck, they could even both wear their home uniforms without worrying about losing a timeout.

No. 3:  Boston College vs. Miami (FL) in Fenway Park

Sure the days of Bernie Kosar and Doug Flutie may be behind us but a college football game at Fenway Park?  The Winter Classic this coming New Year's Day will garner enough attention, imagine if a more popular sport were to be held there...even if the quality of competition wasn't at its peak.

No. 2:  Army vs. Navy at Camden Yards

Speaking of talent levels being down, Army and Navy hasn't been much to write home about in forty some odd years.  This is still a national game however and it gains attention even when one is one the verge of a win less season.  I enjoy that they always play on a neutral site but seeing a football game at Camden Yards in Baltimore would be pretty neat through my eyes and these two seem like the perfect matchup.

No. 1: Penn State vs. Pittsburgh at PNC Park

First off you bring back an old rivalry that hasn't been played in a decade.  The only two true football powers in the football-crazy state of Pennsylvania once again can meet each other, this time not in either home stadium. 

Sure the game is in Pittsburgh but the Nittany Lions would bring plenty of support to make it feel like a neutral site game.  I would love to see this rivalry be revisited and having a game at PNC Park would outstanding for all sports fans to see.

-Note that I never said I see in any likelihood that these would ever happen.  They are simply baseball stadiums that would be neat in my eyes to see a football game played at.

I simply chose the two teams that would make the most sense in my eyes for an event to take place.  Once again, let me know some of the ideas of matchups and ballparks that come to your head!


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