Should the Philadelphia Eagles Sign Vick?

Jason McGovern@maccgizzleCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

At the gym this morning on the treadmill while watching the local news, I couldn't help but notice Todd Pinkston introduced as a wide receivers coach for my Eagles.

Stinkston (and Trash), as to he was reverently referred to during his stint in Philadelphia, is going to be passing his trade secrets on to the wide receivers on the Eagles' offense.

I figured if the organization was willing to bring him back to teach our young receivers how to short arm a pass in traffic, that perhaps hell did in fact freeze over and Andy Reid may have actually finally lost his mind. If this is the case, why not take a serious look at Michael Vick since everything is fair game?

First, Vick won't cost a lot of money, and he'll be happy just to be in the league again. Translation: if we ask him to ride the pine and only step on the field five times a game, he'll probably take it and keep quiet. This could work for at least the first year, and at a bargain price.

Second, we could use the depth at running back. Behind Westbrook, who else is there?

There is a rookie who, by default, has been granted the backup position by the fans without having played a single down yet (further illustrating how poor the depth at running back is here). He is followed by Lorenzo Booker, who half of us are probably surprised is even on the roster after last year's underwhelming showing.

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Don't forget, 2008 was McNabb's only season in the past four years where he actually stayed injury free. Unfortunately, he is not streak-free as he tended to be either incredible or down-right pathetic. Sometimes, this would happen within the same game.

Should Donovan go down, even for just a game, who would be more likely to get us through four quarters, Michael Vick or what's-his-name again?

Imagine if two or three times a game, Vick lined up behind McNabb with D-Jack in motion. Talk about a wildcat.

For a team with as many red zone and short-yardage problems that we saw last year, this could be a recipe for success, even if only used as a decoy half the time.

Are you telling me that an offense featuring McNabb, Jackson, Westbrook, and Vick wouldn't keep a defensive coordinator up at night?