College Football: Big Ten Media Day Wish List

Sam Wenk@srwenk22Senior Analyst IJuly 27, 2009

For the second consecutive year, Bleacher Report will be among the credentialed media at the quote-happy, cliche-rich, and always entertaining Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. 

With big name coaches like Jim Tressel, Joe Paterno and Pat Fitzgerald, along with potential NFL stars Daryll Clark, Corey Wooton and Arrelious Benn all ready to be asked a million questions, yours truly will try and generate the best conversation-starting issues and topics among the entire media gathering. 

Now that the list of names has been cemented in stone, here is my wish list of players to interview and what I want to ask them:

Illinois WR Arrelious Benn: When (not if) do you plan on announcing your intentions to forego your senior year and enter the NFL Draft?

Potential Answer: "When I realize we aren't even the best Big Ten team in the state (which belongs to Northwestern)."

Indiana QB Ben Chappell: How do you help Hoosier fans forget Kellen Lewis?

Potential Answer: "By not getting arrested."

Iowa LB Pat Angerer: After leading the Big Ten in interceptions (five) and with so many young starting QBs in the conference this season, which one are you most looking forward to picking off?

Potential Answer: "Daryll Clark (said loud enough for Clark to hear him one table over)."

Michigan OT Mark Ortmann: With all five starters on the offensive line returning this year, what do you feel is the biggest challenge heading into the season?

Potential Answer: "The number of inexperienced quarterbacks who will be starting behind me."

Michigan State WR Blair White: Now that Javon Ringer and Brian Hoyer have moved on, how can the Spartans' offense score any points?

Potential Answer: "Well, uh, you see...you know Greg Jones is a monster."

Minnesota WR Eric Decker: You quickly became one of the top players in the conference last year and many experts are predicting the Gophers as the dark-horse team in 2009. How can Minnesota improve on last season?

Potential Answer: "Now that we finally moved out of that horrendous looking Metrodome and into a stadium that isn't 10 miles away, anything is possible."

Northwestern DE Corey Wooton: Who do you think will lead the Big Ten in sacks this year?

Potential Answer: "You're looking at him. And forget just the Big Ten, I will lead the nation as well."

Ohio State TE Jake Ballard: Have you seen Terrelle Pryor anywhere?

Potential Answer: "Coach said he was hiding him...I mean, sorry, he couldn't make it this year."

Penn State QB Daryll Clark: Iowa linebacker Pat Angerer said of all the QBs in the conference, you were the one he wants to intercept the most. Care to respond?

Potential Answer: "Hopefully he remembers the game Nov. 8 when we last played him and we...uh, wait, I mean, no comment."

Purdue QB Joey Elliot: Some big names have played your position in West Lafayette, like Drew Brees and Kyle Orton. Are you the next great Boilermaker quarterback?

Potential Answer: "I won't go that far. After all of the accolades Curtis Painter received in the preseason last year and the result that ensued, there really is no other direction to go but up I guess."

Wisconsin DL O'Brien Schofield: You're cousins with Chiefs WR Bobby Engram. Any chance he can teach you to play on both sides of the field this year?

Potential Answer: "Given the way our offense looks, I might have to."

Other potential questions to be asked:

"Coach Paterno, is it true you never age?"

"Juice Williams, any chance we can see you and Northwestern QB Mike Kafka race down the hall?"

"Coach Fitzgerald, now that Jim Tressel and you are both in the same building together, what are the chances you help remind him of your frustration over his decision to run up the score on you guys last year?"

"Coach Bielema, did you honestly feel it was necessary to start practice in February?"

"Sean Lee, is there anything you can't do?"

"Coach Zook, is there anyone you can't recruit?"

"Coach Hope, where's Joe Tiller?"


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