Toronto Teams in the Dumps

Louis PisanoAnalyst IJuly 26, 2009

391776 03: (FILE PHOTO) The sun sets over the Toronto skyline in his undated file photo. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) meets in Moscow July 13, 2001 to decide between front runners Beijing, Paris and Toronto for the site of the 2008 summer Olympics. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

By Louis “King of Roncesvalles” Pisano...

Seems to me like the state of sports in Toronto is quite similar to the state of our city’s parks and lakeshore parking lots, full of garbage! Looking up and down the Toronto teams I have to ask myself, do we have a winner anywhere? The Jays...nope, the Leafs...nope, the Argo’s...nope, the Rock... nope, the Raps...hmm title...nope, the TFC...hmm hanging but winning it all...slim chance.

What do we as sports fans in Toronto have to look forward to...?

The Jays dealing the face of the franchise perhaps!? Unless the Rogers Centre is full and brings some revenue in, and whoever ends up in charge of the team spends some of that freeking money to rival the Boston’s and New York's of this division, they finish 3rd or 4th every year in the AL East! That kinda sucks!

The Leafs playing a so so season, possibly entertaining due to the physicality they should bring, but they ain`t winning squat! Be Leaf it!

The Argos did make a lot of off-season signings and have looked better than last years team by a slim little **** hair, they still can’t hold the other teams offence to less than 40 points aside from the Tiger-Cats, oooooooooooooh, big deal! Bye bye Argos!

The Rock looked more like a pebble this past season, and a return to their winning days could be quite a ways away, but the NLL is somewhat of a crap shoot, and how many people in this city really care about this team or for that matter even know the rules? Keerrrplunk goes the Rock into Lake Ontario!

The Raptors putting some old college buddies together with the signing of Jarrett Jack, that equates to pretty much Jack sh*t, mind you, bringing in Hedo Turkoglu does look promising. Can this team take us deep in the playoffs? Who the hell is going to rebound for this team, and after Chris Bosh plays out his contract here Jack and Jill can go up the hill to fetch some money in New York! Raptors Pfffft!

Which now leaves us with our beloved soccer team, the Toronto Football Club, who is in the thick of things right now only two points out of first in their division, but as all Toronto teams that make some noise during the regular season they will probably fall to the way side as the playoffs approach! Tough luck TFC!

This garbage strike sucks and so do our teams! When is this city going to really clean up and bring us something to celebrate I sure wouldn’t bake any cakes or get out any streamers, but I sure will continue drinking beer and drowning my sports sorrows.

The only team that might be able to get something done this year are the Toronto Marlies, with all the young guys the Leafs have picked up, and because there isn’t room on the Leafs roster, a good number of them should end up down in the AHL. As I saw last year and as the attendance numbers show quite clearly nobody cares about this team, total shame!

Can someone do something right in this city, PLEASE!