Talons: Bleacher Report's Policies

Eric QuackenbushSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2009

I believe that for the first time in my life, I am publicly voicing my disgust with an organization and it's practices and policies.

For the longest time I have been turning my head, ignoring some of the policies I've seen B/R instill. I've been holding myself to "if it doesn't concern me, don't pay any attention to it."

For one thing, I am appreciative of this site for giving folks like me a voice and a forum with which to write our opinions and practice the craft of writing. I still don't claim to be the best at it, and even if someone tells me I am, I never will make that claim.

Getting back on track. I have read various people's opinions on B/R's rating system and POTD system, which can be faulty at times, but in the end must be looked at like a ballot to the Pro Bowl: It's a popularity contest. 

That doesn't concern me, however. What gives me and a host of writers a sour feeling in the stomach though, is the recent chain of events from the CBS Correspondent job.

It is my opinion, that Bleacher Report really had no control over the events that transpired per CBS Sports' neglect to mention to anyone over here on this side of the internet world, that the contest rules had changed.

We have no gripes over who won the contest, whether you're a seasoned veteran writer or an "amateur" writer from Bleacher Report. We commend both sides. It's CBS Sports with whom we should have the beef with.

After all was said and done, those who won a job for the season with CBS Sports received their assignments and are on their way to their respective training camps and team facilities.

This leaves the "leftovers." The proud few per team board who were chosen as "Featured Columnists."

Let's just say we find it very interesting that those who were selected from the writers who contributed did well enough to become "Featured Columnists," yet we've not read very much--if anything--from some of them the entire offseason, which draws the ire and conclusion from some of us, "What the hell?"

Again, nobody wants to be told they're great, unless they have the large self-inflating ego to go along with it.

Our concern is, there are those of us who feel slighted, who have painstakingly contributed through the dregs of the offseason, and have received no recognition, be it as a Community Leader or even as a "Featured Columnist." While our counterparts, to no fault of their own, have received recognition for their work based purely on a contest.

We understand that in life there are winners, whiners, losers, and those who lose with grace.

We, who have been given the dirty end of the stick the most though, would like some sort of recognition from Bleacher Report. Not from our fellow writers, but from the folks who run the show.

Why not offer one writer who contributed consistently from each NFL team's board a "Featured Columnist" title or a Community Leader position? There are those of us whom worked our tails off during the offseason, keeping the NFL community apprised of what was going on with their favorite team, while some Community Leaders and top writers ventured to cover other sports.

The bottom line is this: While ratings and Pick of the Day votes can be easily construed as a popularity opinion, Community Leadership and Featured Columnists should be evaluated regularly, and awarded to those who earn the title and write about their respective team on a consistent basis.