My Buddy Mike and the Perfect Bowl Game Fix All

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2009

Mike's more than just an old buddy, we were roommates at the University of Alabama together.  During all those years I learned that Mike could have some great ideas, like skipping studying to have some girls over.

He could also come up some bad ones. Like trying to get a buddy, and our three intoxicated (and we were to find out later) car sick dates into his two-door Subaru for a little trip.

Since college, Mike's had a lot of good ideas, like marrying Becky and going into insurance where his gift of the gab has served him well. (And for a plug he's in the Dallas/Crosby area)

But lately he has been discussing with me a sure fire way to get the bowl games to—not only mean something to the participants—but help clear up the end of year confusion over who should play for the National Championship.

His plan is simple and intriguing.  On October third of each year, all bowl teams from the prior season replay their game with the winning team hosting at their stadium. 

If you didn't make a bowl, then you have to play another team that finished nearest you in the rankings with the higher team being the home team.

This means there would be a BIG incentive to win, say, a Music City Bowl.  One more home game.

But most of all it would sort out the usual 'pretenders' to the BCS championship.  This way USC could go ahead and maul either Ohio State or Penn State early in October so they wouldn't wind up in the talk of a championship game later.

Now I played naysayer to him, but the more he explained it, the better it sounded.

Would the teams go for it?

I don't know the answer to that, but I'm sure the Bleacher Creatures would like to have a say on the good and bad that could come of this.  Lets hear from you.


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