Be Aware of Danny Ware

Josh BermanCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - 2008:  Danny Ware of the New York Giants poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Any real Giants fan knows about the long and illustrious history the New York Football Giants have of great running backs.

No, they may not be the best or most well-known, but looking back at Ottis, Hampton, Barber, Gifford, or Thorpe (just to name a few), it is clear the Giants have been quite successful in staffing talent in that position.

In more recent years, the team has had a smashmouth group of runners nicknaming them selves "Earth, wind, and fire." With so much great talent, including two thousand-yard rushers, one player in particular was overlooked.

Danny Ware has the talent to be a starter anywhere in the National Football League. Period.

While "EWF" was ripping up the field, Danny Ware, self proclaimed "water," was sitting back taking notes and getting hungry.

Without a doubt he is ready to prove him self in upcoming training camp (Aug. 2). Ward has been shipped of to Tampa and the three-headed monster needs a new head.

Everyone knows Brandon Jacobs is a bruiser, and we all saw what Bradshaw could do back in the 2007 playoffs. Now I know preseason doesn't count for jack squat but lets be honest, Ware's nine carries for 97 yards last year was pretty impressive.

I truly think this guy is just waiting to burst on the scene. Bradshaw seems to be a great fourth quarter guy; it is yet to be determined how he can handle carrying the ball on a regular bases like Ward did.

That's where Ware comes in; if he splits time with Jacobs and Bradshaw stays as a late game threat, then we all will know Resse made the right choice not pursuing

Danny Ware recently posted on his blog that, "I got a ring when the Giants won the Super Bowl, but I gotta earn one on the field."

This guy wants nothing more to show he can be a winner and I believe this is his breakout year.

Even more recently he spoke about the offseason saying, "I’m not doing much lately except trying to get into the best shape of my life. Even though we have four weeks until we report for training camp on August 2 it’s all about football right now for me. There’s never a day off."

Danny is a hard worker and has the right skill sets to be successful in a run-first Giants offense. And just a quick tidbit to think on; Jacobs notoriously can't catch the screen pass, but Ware has great hands. Especially out of the backfield.

I have contacted Danny in hopes of getting an interview with him or at least a very quote-able snip-it for this article, however I have received no reply at this time. I plan to write a follow-up article (hopefully with his comments) in the foreseeable future, maybe after he has a few games under his belt.

Well, it's time for my bold prediction. I truly believe that as much of a legitimate threat Bradshaw is, he will remain in the third spot and Ware will surprise the world by grabbing the second. He will rush for close to 750 yards this season and seven touchdowns (Jacobs will have over 1200 yards).

How do I know this?

Well in the words of Ware, "I transform whenever my environment changes. When it’s hot, I’m in my liquid form and can move through any boundary. When it’s cold, I freeze and turn to ice. And once I get rolling, nothing can stop me."

Plain and simple the kid can play.


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