Top 5 Stipulations for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Night of Champions

Tom Beasley@TomJBeasleyAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2014

Top 5 Stipulations for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Night of Champions

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    There are few words to describe what Brock Lesnar did to John Cena at SummerSlam last month.

    The highly anticipated bout between The Beast Incarnate and the WWE's franchise player was not an even wrestling match. In fact, it played out more like an old-school squash match than a championship bout, as Lesnar annihilated Cena with multiple F5s and countless German suplexes.

    Perhaps unwisely, Cena has chosen to cash in his rematch clause at Night of Champions this Sunday. It seems unlikely that Cena can expect to perform any better in another standard fight with Lesnar, which is why it's a little surprising that no extra stipulation has thus far been added to the match.

    WWE has been pushing their WWE Network subscription service hard in recent weeks, eager to win back customers. With that in mind, it makes sense for the company to add an extra hook to the marquee match of their next pay-per-view event.

    Tonight's go-home episode of Raw is the final chance for WWE to add a stipulation to the match. Here are five that could elevate the battle.

5. Tables Match

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    If WWE Creative wants to book a Cena victory on Sunday, the Tables match is the best way to go.

    Due to the potential danger of going through a table, this kind of bout can always turn in an instant. One mistake or shock flurry can win the match.

    The prime example of this is the match between Cody Rhodes and the Big Show for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules 2012. After dominating the early portion of the match, Big Show lost when a dropkick to his leg led to him falling off the apron and putting his foot through a table at ringside.

    As with that bout, however, a finish like that would be a real anticlimax for the fans. There are several stipulations that would suit Lesnar and Cena far better.

4. Last Man Standing Match

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    There are certain gimmick matches in which Cena reigns supreme. One of those is the Last Man Standing match.

    As recently as the Payback PPV in June, Cena triumphed in one of these matches against Bray Wyatt after burying him under a pile of equipment boxes. He's a man who has a habit of pulling out the win in these big matches.

    If the WWE isn't keen on keeping the championship belt on a part-time Superstar, this sort of match is a good one to choose. Cena's resourcefulness often comes into play, allowing him to win in unconventional fashion.

    Lesnar won't look weak if he loses the title to one of Cena's more innovative ideas. The 15-time champion is no stranger to using duct tape or detached ring ropes to score victory in unusual ways.

    On the flip side, a victory for Lesnar by one of Cena's favoured stipulations will cement his superiority. If Cena can't win in one of his favourite gimmick matches, there's no way back for the Doctor of Thuganomics.

3. Ambulance Match

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    The kind of brutality shown by Lesnar at SummerSlam pointed to a more extreme edge for his ongoing rivalry with Cena. There are few better ways to end an extreme, brutal feud than with an Ambulance match.

    Lesnar beat Cena so badly at SummerSlam that he could have loaded him into the back of an ambulance. In fact, he probably would've suplexed him into it.

    The inherent brutality of an ambulance match would be a great way to conclude the Lesnar vs. Cena rivalry. It could even eclipse their classic brawl from Extreme Rules 2012 in terms of sheer violence.

    That's a very tough ask, but an Ambulance match could pull it off.

2. Street Fight

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    Lesnar thrives when he is able to unleash his fury using whatever weaponry is available to him. A stipulation that removes the threat of disqualification, such as a Street Fight, allows him to let loose and create carnage.

    This is also an environment in which Cena thrives, using weapons to even the odds against opposition like Lesnar. There's no chance of Cena beating the champion in a straight wrestling match, but a Street Fight would make the clash considerably more interesting.

    Given that Lesnar is likely to be a lot less visible following Night of Champions, he needs a high point to send him out.

    A Street Fight will show the brutal lengths the champion is willing to go to in order to retain his belt and his position at the summit of WWE. Cena will be his sacrificial lamb.

1. 'I Quit' Match

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    Cena has never lost an "I Quit" match.

    Whether it's JBL, Batista, Randy Orton or The Miz holding the microphone, there are two words that Cena just won't say. Cena's entire ethos is based around never giving up, so the idea of actually begging for mercy would be the ultimate humiliation for him.

    Lesnar has come closer than anyone else to putting an end to the Cenation. The beating he doled out at SummerSlam left the WWE's franchise player looking feeble and outmatched. The only way he could go further would be by doing what no one has ever managed to do before and make John Cena say the words "I quit."

    This match would be a real draw for Network subscribers. Even considering Cena's record in these bouts, there would be real anticipation that he might just give up in the face of Lesnar's power.

    And with his "Never Give Up" gimmick in tatters, that might be the last we see of John Cena for a while.

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