Antonio Cromartie Keeping It Competetive With Travis Henry

Derek PeifferCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

SAN DIEGO - SEPTEMBER 22:  Antonio Cromartie #31 of the San Diego Chargers reacts after an interception late in the fourth quarter while taking on the New York Jets on September 22, 2008 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The Chargers defeated the Jets 48-29. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

One may say it's great news.

Antonio Cromartie, cornerback for the San Diego Chargers, is trying to keep it competitive. Competitive players always bring smiles to coaches' face.

Well, not this time. This is the type of competition, if you can call it that, in which you don't want your players involved. In fact, you want them as far away from it as possible.

Cromartie, who had a very strong outing his sophomore season, racked up a league-leading 10 interceptions, 44 tackles, and 18 passes defended. 

But he left much to be desired during '08.

Cromartie sustained a hip injury in week two and battled it all-year long. At the same time, it seemed as if his head was not in football.

After leading the league in interceptions the year before, snagged only two in '08.

One may think that battling a broken hip would case a down year...

I say you're wrong. Cromartie would agree with me.

As the San Diego Tribune reported, Cromartie attributes the lack of success to five paternity suits that he faced throughout the season.

Forget the hip, that's five angry women.

At this rate, Cromartie is set to join the pro-sports world's elite company in this category. With seven different children, in five different states, Cromartie
—only 25-years-old—is almost among the leaders. C

Calvin Murphy is on top of the list.

Murphy, the former Houston Rocket, has a place cemented in two halls-of-fame. He resides in the basketball hall for his work on the court, and in the illegitimate children hall of fame for his work off the court.

Murphy has a staggerin fourteen kids with seven different women.

Travis Henry is in the nine-for-nine club with one child from each of nine, yes nine different women. He had these nine children by the time he was 28-years-old.

As we go on, there are many athletes who find themselves in the same predicament. It is getting out of line.

I guess there really is nothing to do in the off-season, huh?

Furthering the list is Ray Lewis, who has six kids with four women.

Marshall Faulk has six kids with three women.

Santonio Holmes has three kids with two women, all before he left college. How wonderful.

We even have guys like Marvin Harrison and Larry Bird on the list; guys you wouldn't think of being on here. If you play a professional sport, it seems like it's a requirement now-a-days.

And the list goes on. I just don't have the time for a ten page article.

Cromartie is fully recovered from his broken hip and is fully focused on coming back strong in '09... on the football field, anyway.

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