Titans Label Justin Hunter 'JAG' for 'Just Another Guy' After He Ran Wrong Route

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistAugust 12, 2014

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Every NFL player wants to stand out on the field, so nobody wants to be known as just another guy in the league. Tennessee Titans receiver Justin Hunter learned that it's actually a punishment.

The wideout's practice jersey doesn't have "Hunter" in the nameplate; instead, "JAG" is on the nameplate.

JAG stands for "Just Another Guy."

Here's what led to the "JAG" label, according to Hunter per The Tennesseean's Jim Wyatt:

But after he failed to convert a route in Saturday's preseason game against the Packers, coach Ken Whisenhunt called him out in a meeting. Receivers coach Shawn Jefferson then talked to equipment manager Matt Thompson about making the uniform change.

It may just be the preseason, but the Titans are doing whatever they can to send a message to the receiver.

Hunter claims, per Wyatt, that Jefferson has always been tough on him: "He [Jefferson] has no remorse for me. He holds me to the highest standard, so he asked them to put it on my jersey. With coach Jefferson, it is all the same. I take it all in."

For now, Hunter is "just another guy." He has to work to get his name back on his practice jersey, and the Titans hope that the "JAG" label will help him improve his game.

[The Tennesseeanh/t Shutdown Corner]


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