Why Does the Raider Nation Enjoy the Past? We Have One!

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2009

9 Dec 1979:  Quarterback Ken Stabler of the Oakland Raiders prepares to pass the ball during a game against the Cleveland Browns at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  The Raiders won the game 19-14. Mandatory Credit: Allsport  /A

In recent months more and more has been said regarding the Raiders, their owner and their titles fading into the distance. Their trophies, three in Oakland, one as an AFL winner, and one for LA, are part of a long-ago heritage. Many also like to think that this present darkness, to borrow a phrase, will go on for some time.

Probably the biggest problem with the present mindset is that the Raiders live in the past. We can spout stats like the best of them but little can translate into the present day team, consisting of some of the players who were not even born.

Why is it then, that so many of us hold onto the faith so tightly, like a long lost friend?

Because we have a history....and one we're very proud of.

Some clubs weren't even in existence when the Raiders dismembered of the Redskins in 1983. Teams like the Panthers, Jags, Texans, and even the Titans, who would have to rewind to the Oilers, still haven't won a Super Bowl ring.

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Look at back what the Patriots had, before Tom Brady, and you'll find a dysfunctional franchise, with 0-2 Super Bowls, chaos in the coaching ranks, and a team destroyed by the Chicago Bears.

San Diego, Atlanta, New Orleans, are still looking for that first ring. The Chargers and the Falcons both made an appearance but the Chargers got run over by a 49er team and the Falcons found out how hard it was to stop John Elway's retirement party.

Telling the Raiders they live in the past is in itself is a contradiction in terms. If we are living in the past, how about Dolphin fans? They haven't won a title since 1973. The Chiefs? 1969.

Or we could simply list the clubs that have made a habit of losing the big games... Minnesota with four losses, along with the Bills.

If you feel that the Raiders haven't done anything worthwhile recently, how about them Bears? 1-1 in the Super Bowl Era... last win, was 1985.

Oakland spread out it's winning, with Super Bowl wins in 1976, 1980 and 1983. We had playoff appearances in 21 seasons.

Tell me that a club is only measured by the last six seasons and you just showed how narrow-minded you are, and that you must be truly ashamed of your own team's past.