Seth Rollins Wins WWE Title Contract in Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 30, 2014

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Seth Rollins and the Authority used Plan B.

With the help of "The Big Red Machine" Kane, Rollins thwarted former Shield teammate Dean Ambrose's attempts to ruin his dream of obtaining the WWE world heavyweight title contract.

In an epic ladder match that also featured Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, Rollins came out on top.

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Scott Fishman of the Sun-Sentinel chimed in on the result:

Jason Solomon of PWMania.com sums up Rollins' performance:

Originally Bad News Barrett was supposed to participate, but it was announced during the Money in the Bank broadcast before the match began that BNB wouldn't be performing.

Barrett might have supplied a few thrills, but this group didn't need him. It was an amazing match featuring all the high-flying action one would hope for from a ladder match.

Ambrose's shoulder injury that was suffered in a match weeks ago against Bray Wyatt was a factor in the match. WWE physicians forced him to go to the locker room for a time, but he would re-emerge to stop Rollins from winning the match earlier.

To clinch the victory for Rollins, Kane—the Authority's enforcer—came out to the ring just as an injured Ambrose was ascending the ladder toward the briefcase.

He pulled Ambrose down, choke-slammed him and hit a tombstone piledriver to clear a path for Rollins.

With every competitor out of commission, Rollins easily climbed the ladder being held by Kane to grab the victory.

Justin LaBar of B/R totally loved the crowd putting over Ambrose as a good guy.

Ambrose delivered his money mic work on an episode of Raw before Money in the Bank.

Before the climax arrived, there were quite a few memorable moments.

Kingston had one of the best moves of the match. He was forced off the ladder by Ambrose, but he used the top rope as a springboard on the way down.

He vaulted himself off the ropes into three competitors outside the ring. In my Michael Cole voice: It was vintage Kingston.

Ziggler also had his moments. He cleared the ring with an exciting flurry that got the crowd highly anticipating the Show Off's second Money in the Bank win.

It was not to be. Ring Rust Radio spoke to Rob Van Dam about the match and other things on Monday.

An ankle lock applied by Swagger while Ziggler was on the ladder, and chair shots from Rollins finished Zigs off.

Rollins was dressed like a cross between a villain of the Justice League, and a sidekick of The Punisher, but he did his own spectacular in-ring work.

The former architect of The Shield took a nasty fall after a backdrop from the top of the ladder and took a superplex from a humongous ladder from Ambrose.

Still, he was the victor. As good as Rollins looked, Jim Ross isn't ready to liken him to one of the all-time greats:

The feud between Ambrose and Rollins will obviously continue, but it seems destined to be a side note to Rollins' ascension toward a WWE World Title angle.

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