Daniel Sturridge and the 10 Most Hipster Footballers

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistApril 30, 2014

Daniel Sturridge and the 10 Most Hipster Footballers

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    Daniel Sturridge has enjoyed the best season of his career, earning a place in the PFA Team of the Year and scoring 20 league goals en route to helping Liverpool's most serious title challenge in years. 

    This season, the 24-year-old has also flourished in one other area: his hipster fashion sensibility. Take a look at his Instagram feed to see some examples of his counterculture chic. 

    Hipster bible Vice magazine recently purported Sturridge to be football's only hipster, but this clearly isn't the case. The Liverpool striker leads our list of 10 men who are right on top of the cultural zeitgeist.

Daniel Sturridge

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    Wearing a pink backwards baseball cap while posing with an underground Los Angeles singer-songwriter?

    Yeah, that's pretty hipster, Mr. Sturridge. 

Raul Meireles

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    With his tattoos, mohawk haircuts and terrifying hobo beard, Raul Meireles has always been a bit bohemian at heart. 

    The Fenerbahce midfielder became the King of the Hipsters this week when this photo of him with his equally fashionable wife emerged.

Joey Barton

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    Joey Barton's transformation from prison-bound thug to Twitter poet laureate has been phenomenal.

    While his foul temper is often still on display on the pitch, Barton now likes to quote The Smiths and Friedrich Nietzsche. He visits art galleries with The Guardian and grow little moustaches, too.

    He's probably never been in a secondhand clothes shop before, but we're not about to start a fight with him about it. 

Nicklas Bendtner

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    Without the burden of having to play much football, Lord Bendtner has dedicated himself to the hipster lifestyle. 

    His Instagram feed gives a window into his private life, in which he can be found dressing up like a Boardwalk Empire extra, relaxing with some yoghurt and snapping selfies at the wheel while wearing a strange head-scarf thing.

Raheem Sterling

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    When Raheem Sterling turned up to Liverpool's 2013 summer tour with a monstrously bad haircut, he appeared to be one step away from acquiring some thick-rimmed glasses and a loft space in East London. 

    The 19-year-old's recent Esquire photo shoot confirms his full hipsterisation.

Dani Osvaldo

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    With his long hair, tattoos, carefully manicured facial hair and endless array of Johnny Depp-style glasses (for which he almost certainly does not have a prescription), Dani Osvaldo is Argentina's and Italy's premier football hipster. 

    Osvaldo clearly wishes he was a musician—a cursory glance at his Twitter feed reveals an obsession with The Rolling Stones and The Doors, while he once admitted he has a statue of Keith Richards at home.

Xabi Alonso

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    Denis Doyle/Getty Images

    He may not have the outward appearance of a hipster, but Xabi Alonso likes to be a little less overt with his sensibilities.

    In a way, that is very hipster.

    The Real Madrid midfielder often tweets about his love of indie music like Teenage Fanclub, Richard Hawley and Flaming Lips. Not exactly the kind of artists played on the stereo in the Bernabeu dressing room. 

    Perhaps Alonso can go and find one of his favourite acts on tour on the evening of the Champions League final, as he'll have no plans.

Djibril Cisse

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    This is a picture of striker Djibril Cisse standing with some friends in a Paris pop-up store for his own fashion brand, Mr. Lenoir.

    It pretty much tells you everything you need to know. 

Leighton Baines

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    Much like his look-alike, cycling champ Bradley Wiggins, Leighton Baines probably wishes he was in The Jam.

    The Everton defender, pictured with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane, loves the indie rock n' roll scene and is quite on trend.

    When Turner reinvented himself as a '50s rocker, Baines quickly followed suit by shaving off the hippie sideburns and slicking back his coiffure. 

Dani Alves

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    Dani Alves may be the inspiration for the #WeAreAllMonkeys social media phenomenon, but he hasn't done an awful lot to promote it himself. Perhaps this is because it's all gone a bit mainstream and was apparently pre-planned by a PR firm

    A look through the Brazilian full-back's Instagram feed shows he is La Liga's hipster extraordinaire. 

    Take a bow, Dani—assuming those trousers aren't too tight to limit that kind of movement. 

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