Big Irv And Brett: A Father's Day Rememberance

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJune 21, 2009

In the shadows of the wooded forest, there stands the remnants of a kiln, with the pine trees soaring high overhead, this place isn't visible from the air and it's pretty hard to get there by foot. But long ago it wasn't like this, long ago this was the biggest part of the town, the small town of Kiln, Mississippi.

Kiln, or referred to as "The Kill" is the hometown of one of the most famous NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game and Kiln doesn't hide the fact of the pride that they have for the town's most famous son.

Just outside of the city limits stands a sign that proudly proclaims that this is the hometown of Brett Favre, the former Green Bay Packer who was known for his powerful arm.

This all began in a small house down Irvin Favre Road just yards away from Rotten Bayou. It began as friendly ball games out front in the summertime months and on Thanksgiving, but it eventually turned into organized sports and then on into high school.

Through all of this, Irvin "Big Irv" Favre was there for his sons, who all played quarterback at one time or another under him.

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Many see it as the classic, All-American father-son story, the story of Brett playing in the colors of the Hancock Hawks as his dad stood on the sidelines in mute frustration, while his son once again turned what was supposed to be a running play, into a long pass which ended in the end zone for a touchdown.

Some believe that "Big Irv" even hurt Brett's chances to get into a bigger school than Southern Mississippi because of his insistence on running the wishbone offense, in fact, the team threw only about six to seven passes in a normal game.

With a player whose strength is in his arm, this could've put Brett's football career away as only another hopeful dream but the University of Southern Mississippi liked Brett as a defensive back so he became a Golden Eagle.

"Big Irv" cheered for his son in the college years, then on into the NFL where he was with the Atlanta Falcons and then finally traded to the Green Bay Packers where he would make his home permanently in the hearts of Packers fans.

Then came December 21, 2003. Brett was on a golf course when he received the news that his father had suffered a heart attack and ran off of a road near Kiln at around 5:23 PM.

Many expected Brett to forgo the Monday night matchup between the Packers and the Oakland Raiders in Oakland with a trip to the playoffs at stake.

Instead, Brett decided to play and gave one of the best performances of his career, completing 22 out of 30 passes for 399 yards and four touchdowns, as the Pack thrashed the Raiders with a 41-7 victory in Favre's 205th consecutive start.

"Big Irv" was awarded the game ball.

Brett went home and attended his father's funeral and then came back. He continued to play with the Packers until 2007 where he and the Packers ended a 13-3 season in the NFC Championship Game when New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes hit a field goal in overtime to send the Giants to the Super Bowl.

Favre decided to retire and held an emotional press conference, later into the year however, he wasn't sure if he had made the right decision or not.

He decided to come back and play another year but the Packers had already moved on and anointed young gun Aaron Rodgers as the starter.

Brett was eventually traded to the New York Jets where he played for a season but missed the playoffs due to a late season slump after he suffered a injury in his throwing arm.

He retired again after the season ended.

Now, however, rumors are circulating that he may want to give it one more try, one more shot at the Super Bowl, but this time with the Minnesota Vikings who are divisional rivals of the Packers.

Many believe that with Favre, the Vikings could be hoisting that trophy in February 2010.

Now, as Fathers Day comes upon us, Brett Favre will put that important decision into the back of his mind and remember; remember all of those high school games, remember his childhood, remember his father, he'll remember "Big Irv".

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