Michigan Football: Exclusive Tour of $9 Million Renovation to Schembechler Hall

Phil Callihan@umgoblogContributor IApril 18, 2014

Michigan Football: Exclusive Tour of $9 Million Renovation to Schembechler Hall

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    Brady Hoke's "This is Michigan" phrase greets visitors.
    Brady Hoke's "This is Michigan" phrase greets visitors.Phil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The University of Michigan recently finished a $9 million renovation to Schembechler Hall, which was originally approved and described in 2012 , per a University of Michigan press release

    The project added approximately 7,000 square feet to the home of Michigan football and renovated approximately 7,000 square feet of the facility.

    The exterior was updated to match the facade at Glick Field House—the team's indoor practice facility. The interior included an overhaul of the Towsley Museum, adding an area to honor the Michigan Football Legends, as well as new exhibit, office and recruiting spaces.

Schembechler Hall Exterior

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    The newly renovated Schembechler Hall
    The newly renovated Schembechler HallPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The outside of Schembechler Hall now matches the look of Glick Field House. A new feature is an animated display screen that shines through the glass—a beacon of Michigan football, visible at night to passing traffic.

Bo Schembechler: Bigger Than Life

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    Bo Schembechler statue
    Bo Schembechler statuePhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    According to Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon, writing on his blog:

    ... The larger than life-size statue of Bo has been created not just to remind people of the image and presence of one of the greatest coaches in college football, it was created to be a lasting symbol of his many characteristics that are deeply rooted in the philosophy and expectations of the University of Michigan football program.

    Bob Browne, a close friend of Bo's, provided a generous and meaningful gift to support the creation of this statue in order to make this concept a reality.

    The statue was created to give people a sense of Bo pacing the sidelines, leading his team, and now leading everyone on a walk through time and into the future of this football program.

Bo Schembechler Statue Detail

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    Bo Schembechler statue detail
    Bo Schembechler statue detailPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    According to Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon writing on his blog:

    ... The artist who sculpted the statue, J Brett Grill, went to the people who knew the head coach best: his widow, Cathy Schembechler, and his former players. Grill not only wanted to understand Bo's coaching philosophy, he wanted to portray what his ideals were as a man and a leader.

    The artist worked to put depth into the sculpture; he worked to capture what Bo stood for: the blue-collar effort, the focused view of a strategist intertwined with the delight of being part of a team -- a football team to be particular.

Video Wall

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    A motion-controlled video hall greets visitors.
    A motion-controlled video hall greets visitors.Phil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Schembechler Hall features a motion-controlled video wall powered by Microsoft 360 Kinect sensor technology.

Michigan Football Game Day

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    Game-day video from Schembechler Hall video wall.

Players Lounge

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    Michigan Players Lounge
    Michigan Players LoungePhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The renovation also included a new players lounge for the Michigan football team.

Pool Table

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    Players Lounge Pool Table
    Players Lounge Pool TablePhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM

    Players can play pool on a custom pool table in the players' lounge.

Michigan Covers

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    Video-game covers
    Video-game coversPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Wall decorations include magazine and video-game covers that feature past Michigan greats.

Wolverine at Schembechler Hall

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    Michigan's mascot
    Michigan's mascotPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The only mascot you'll see at Michigan is the wolverine.


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    Remember Ohio
    Remember OhioPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Throughout Schembechler Hall, there are reminders of Michigan's bitter rivalry with Ohio State.

Michigan's NFL Players

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    Michigan players who played in the NFL
    Michigan players who played in the NFLPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Michigan players who have played in the NFL are recognized.

Victory Wall

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    There is a two-story football display representing every victory in the program's history.
    There is a two-story football display representing every victory in the program's history.Phil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The museum space features a game ball for every victory in the history of Michigan footballtwo-stories worth.

Victory 894

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    Football detail
    Football detailPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Some games mean more than others.

Bo Schembechler Display

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    Bo Schembechler memorabilia on display
    Bo Schembechler memorabilia on displayPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The museum has displays of notable figures in Michigan football history, Schembechler's includes his famous headset.

Michigan Stadium History

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    The history of Michigan Stadium
    The history of Michigan StadiumPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.COM

    Visitors can follow the history of Michigan Stadium from its inception to its latest renovation.

Michigan Legends

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    Michigan Legends display
    Michigan Legends displayPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Michigan Football Legends are honored with special patches worn by current players deemed worthy by the coaching staff. The plan keeps jerseys on the field while honoring past greats.

Desmond Howard Helmet Display

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    Desmond Howard helmet display
    Desmond Howard helmet displayPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard's helmet is part of the legends display.

Michigan Legends Mural

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    Michigan Legends mural
    Michigan Legends muralPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The Michigan football legends are portrayed in a mural that towers over the museum.

It's Great to a Be a Michigan Wolverine

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    Michigan Football
    Michigan FootballPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    The museum is expected to be key tool in recruiting players to continue the legacy of Michigan football.

Michigan Bowl Games

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    Michigan bowl-game display
    Michigan bowl-game displayPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Every Michigan bowl game is represented by a program cover in the museum with space for many more.

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions

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    external-wall detail
    external-wall detailPhil Callihan/UMGoBlue.com

    Schembechler Hall is now a must-see destination for college football fans.

    The museum at Schembechler Hall opens to the public on April 28. Visitors will be welcome Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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