Most Adorable Videos of Little Kids Playing Sports

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2014

Most Adorable Videos of Little Kids Playing Sports

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    We hope you enjoy adorable videos of kids dominating pretty much every realm of sports. 

    Judging by the amount of viral videos bumping around the Internet, we surmise that you do. It seems the second a toddler or child drops buckets or sinks putts, there is an adult around wise enough to capture it all on video. 

    We live in a remarkable time. It used to be that home videos were left to gather dust, rarely getting viewed by even family members. But with smartphones and ubiquitous video devices, it's easier than ever to capture a child's basketball talent or random sports rant and put it on the Internet. 

    With that, we now have these adorable videos that captivate and garner smiles that last for days. 

Stellar Short Game

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    We have to warn you that watching the posted video may just add to frustration already accompanying your own short game. 

    As For the Win spotted, this is a news report on marvelous three-year-old James Grimes, a young golfer who already putts better than most weekend warriors at the local municipal. 

    Seeing him chip onto the green has me thinking just one thing: I am no golfer. 

Par-3 Mastery

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    The Par-3 Tournament at Augusta is hardly about triumph and accolades, because things like that are trivial when you are having a great time with your family. 

    One of the more memorable recent moments came when K.J. Choi's son showed that he can command the tough greens at the Masters. 

    If you find kids walking around in caddie outfits like they own the place entertaining, there is another YouTube video you just have to see. 

    Or you can just enjoy For the Win's compilation of cute. 

Judo Chop

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    There isn't a great deal of information surrounding this video spotted by SB Nation, other than the knowledge that baby judo fighting is a thing, a very glorious thing. 

    It's too cute. We submit; we submit. 

Sam Gordon Superstar

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    As we previously stated, we live in a rare age when it's possible to take a quick video of your child and very well see him or her rise to the level of Internet star. 

    In the case of Sam Gordon, Internet stardom was something of child's play, because she surpassed merely featuring in a viral video and splashed across Wheaties boxes and various television appearances

    What started with a highlight reel quickly turned into the nation falling in love with a little girl with sick game. 

Phil Martelli’s Grandson

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    Behold Phil Martelli’s grandson, Philip Stephen Martelli. 

    Saint Joseph's basketball coach has a way of standing out during games, which you may or may not have noticed. We forgive you if you haven't because the action is on the court. 

    If you are his grandson, however, you are locked into every little nuance of your beloved granddad. We would say this kid has a future in impersonations, but we think coaching is more his thing. 

    Especially when you consider his in-game interviews

Rushing the Pitch

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    Granted, this kid isn't actually playing a sport, but we hope you will forgive the video's inclusion because it's just too amazing. 

    For the Win's Nate Scott has more on the chance encounter between this young fan and Neymar, stating the moment took place this March during a Brazil and South Africa friendly. 

    Now these kinds of game stoppages we will forgive. 

Baby Titus

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    Well, there isn't a great deal we can offer to Titus' remarkable story, because he has been covered better than some professional athletes. 

    What started as an adorable YouTube video quickly led to national attention. The spotlight grew until the pint-sized sharpshooter featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, taking on NBA superstars

    Get Titus and a basket and you have yourself an idea for a hit show. 

15-Month Maestro

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    A hat tip to Cities97 for spotting this video of a 15-month old baller who doesn't know the meaning of the word "miss."

    We imagine that will be remedied once he masters linguistic skill. 

    I recall having a similar basket as a kid. Sadly, the only other memory is it constantly falling on me when I attempted dunking. 


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    Last May, Chelsea's season came to an end in the most adorable manner. 

    As Metro reports, Ross Turnbull's son, Josh Turnbull, was disinterested in the boring festivities taking place on the pitch. 

    No, Josh was far more keen on putting that ball into the back of the net, something he proved quite adept at doing. 

    The best part, as with any part of a soccer highlight, was the goal itself, because it garners the best reaction in sports history. Don't bother fact-checking that last part. 

Just Missed

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    Sometimes parents take video of their kids succeeding and send it out to all who are willing to enjoy it. Then there are those parents who just can't help themselves and send out video of their kid's incessant failure. 

    To them, we say thank you. 

Kid Starts Soccer Chant

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    And now we take you to another instance of a kid acting like a rabid adult sports fan, something we fully endorse. This one comes from a place that knows a thing or two about random videos featuring tons of awesome, Reddit

    Now, some might say this doesn't qualify as sports. However, we simply disagree, because properly cheering on your side is exhausting. 

Now That's a Home Run Trot

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    When you are four, fielding a ball or adhering to the sport's rules is secondary to staying lost in your own little world. 

    This video features a kid who looks a tad bit like Rick Moranis' Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, running the basepaths with an oversized helmet. 

    Well, he hits a home run, largely because the kids on the field are doing their best impression of the Houston Astros at the moment. 

Dynamite Grab

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    We end with something that isn't exactly adorable, because it's more, well, amazing. The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas fills us in: 

    Nathan Lewis is probably going to be on SportsCenter. The 6-year old from California was playing third base on Saturday in a Irvine Pony’s Shetland All-star game when a batter hit a ball over his head that tailed into foul territory. Having little time to react, Lewis tracked the ball perfectly and made a spectacular diving catch.

    That concludes our coverage of tiny humans being generally awesome. Now remember, parents. Kids aren't going to upload videos themselves. 

    That's usually because they are off sinking putts and dropping mad buckets all over the place.