Rapper Iggy Azalea Says Laker Nick Young Took Her to Target on First Date

Jim Cavan@@JPCavanContributor IApril 3, 2014

Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young puts his fingers around his eyes as he celebrates a three-pointer against the Portland Trail Blazers during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Tuesday, April 1, 2014. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)
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Amidst maybe the most woeful season in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Young has been one of the few bright spots—his 40 points in Tuesday’s 124-112 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers being just the latest highlight.

That’s not to say Young is a particularly consistent basketball player. Or even a particularly good one. But, you know, he gets buckets. And buckets are fun.

Anyone with the nickname “Swaggy P” has to be fun, right?

Because when I think of “fun,” I think of…taking an Australian rapper on a date to Target? Like, the department store? Tell me there’s a nightclub called Target.

From TMZ:

Australian rap vixen Iggy Azalea might’ve just won the coolest chick of the century award ... 'cause she just revealed her first date with Lakers star Nick Young was cruising the aisles of TARGET ... and it was her idea!! Iggy was on "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105 in NYC on Wednesday when she opened up about her relationship with Young -- and explained why Target is the PERFECT place for date numero uno. 

Before you throw your computer out the window and then run downstairs to spray it with a fire hose as you call in an airstrike on it, Ms. Iggy provides a helpful bit of context: They actually went out to dinner that night.

So this invites the question: If you wound up going to dinner after you went to Target, doesn’t that count as, like, the actual date?

If you’re going to front like Nick Young took you to Target for your first date, said date better have gone down as follows:

  1. Go to Target.
  2. Buy a Ring Pop and socks and birdseed or whatever.
  3. Leave Target.
  4. Drive your date home.
  5. Share an awkward hug.

Hey, at least Swaggy is showing signs of slowing up and settling down. Which isn’t exactly the vibe we got from this interview with Vibe's Terrence Watson, wherein His Swagness dished on what it’s like being a sex symbol in his hometown.

"Ha! You don’t have to say a little bit. (Laughs) I am a sex symbol," Young said. "The ladies love me and I love them back. This is the real Swaggy P. I always knew I was one but now the world is embracing it."

The world, huh?


It’s no coincidence that Young’s growing celebrity status has happened while on a one-year tender with the Lakers, with whom he’s putting up a career year (per Basketball-Reference.com).

Whether Swaggy will be part of L.A.’s long-term plans is hard to say. The Lakers, I mean. He’s absolutely part of the long-term plans for the City of Los Angeles. He’ll probably be mayor someday.

First policy initiative: A bill explaining how to attract beautiful, famous rappers who tell you to take them on dates to Target before telling TMZ about it.


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