Randy Orton Should Be Regarded as the Finest Heel of His Generation

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

His career has included being part of a stable full of legends, forming a stable of his own and advancing to the very top of the WWE. Even at the tender age of 33, it feels like Randy Orton has done it all.

And, even more impressively, he has done so much under two different character types as both a babyface and a heel.

Although he makes for an admirable faceand has certainly done plenty of good things whilst being renowned as the good guyas a heel, Randy Orton comes into his own.

In fact, Orton's work as a heel is so good, he should be regarded as the finest heel of his generation. When talking of the PG Era in the WWE, there have been some pretty decent heels. However, no one has been better than Randy Orton.

His character profile and build is perfect for a heel. Even when operating as a face, he still carries that demonic, twisted look with his in-ring approach. That psychotic attitude is pretty good when he is a face, but as a heel, it works wonders for him.

The things he has done in the past are so stereotypically heel that you cannot help but admire his work in the ring—and out of it. That patented punt in the head that, alas, has disappeared out of his repertoire of moves secured him as one of the most vicious guys on the roster way back when.

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His early rivalries as the "Legend Killer" were what set him on the road to stardom. It was a brave move to have a rookie feuding with the likes of Ric Flair and The Undertaker; however, it truly paid off. During that feud with 'Taker, another classic heel move came aboutwhen he hit his on-screen girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, with a ruthless RKO.

His rivalry with Triple H back in 2009 was absolutely unbelievable; it was perhaps Orton's greatest run in his career so far. It wasn't just the fact he was going at it with yet another legend of the ringit was the way he systematically went about his business to get into the heads of his opponents. With his Legacy compatriots standing alongside him, he mercilessly punted Shane McMahon in the head before turning his attention to Stephanie.

He stood over an injured Shane with Stephanie screaming in his earbefore sending the crowd crazy with a ruthless RKO. It was the act of an absolute monster heel doing what he does bestmaking himself look like a catastrophic villain. He succeeded.

He's punted Vince McMahon in the head, too, and has committed plenty of other twisted acts. All of which, out of interest, justify just how good of a heel Randy Orton is.

Once Orton coined that punt and made it his own, he cemented himself amongst the very top heels in the history of the WWE. In the last five or six years, there hasn't been anyone who is better at being the bad guy.

Even now, with WrestleMania XXX just around the corner, Orton has once again risen to the top of the tree in the WWE. He is the top heel in the company; there is nobody who even comes remotely close—not even Batista.

When the curtain falls on Randy Orton's career, he should rightly be considered as one of the best villains in recent times. In this modern day of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and other top stars, nobody comes close to being as bad as Orton. It is something that he should be lauded for down the line.