Josh McDaniels Names Kyle Orton Starting QB,But Vick Could Still Compete

Rich Kurtzman@@RichKurtzman Senior Analyst IJune 14, 2009

Today, according to B/R's own Broncos expert Sayre Bedinger, the Broncos' head coach Josh McDaniels named new quarterback Kyle Orton the starter.

McDaniels also clarified, "That certainly does not mean that there won't be competition in training camp because there will...Kyle has the job right now, but we will see if he can keep it."

As I said two weeks ago, Kyle Orton won the job as of now, but also I stated three weeks ago that competition breeds success, one reason of three that the Denver Broncos should sign Michael Vick.

Vick was released by the Atlanta Falcons on Friday, and he is free to sign with any team that wants him, though no one has inquired as of yet. Although ESPN's John Clayton reported that the Rams and 49ers among others are the front-runners to pick up the once great QB, Denver should be Vick's next home.

I'm not saying that Vick should come in and start for the Broncos. He should merely add competition, something Chris Simms has likely had problem doing, and, in turn, making Orton better.

With McDaniels' genius as far as play calling and designing is concerned, could utilize Vick as the slash; at one point, the QB could be in the "vickcat" or even "hokie-pokie" offense, the next play he could be split out wide as a receiver, and they could even utilize him on special teams as a punt/kick returner.

It could be magical, and it could be tragic.

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Imagine Vick, the same man that had over 1,000 yards rushing, an NFL record for a QB, and also threw for over 2,600 yards in 2006, playing for the Broncos, doing all sorts of exciting things.

"Vick takes the ball from center, runs to the right for 15 yards, first down. Vick takes the snap, drops back, hits Brandon Marshall across the middle for a first down. Orton drops back, sees Vick down the sideline wide open, hits him for a 45-yard touchdown!"

Vick could keep pressure on Orton to be a quality quarterback in the Broncos orange and blue and also do what he has done best in the NFL for six seasons—create headaches, confusion, and match up problems for any defense that plays Denver.

Another aspect that makes Vick a good fit in "Patriots West" is that New England has been regarded as a haven for players with troubled pasts, like Randy Moss and Corey Dillon, and New England is where McDaniels grew up in the NFL.

McDaniels could preach just as his mentor Bill Belichick does; it's the team's way or the highway. And that should go for Brandon Marshall too, but that's another story.

This is, of course, if Vick is cleared to play by Roger Goodell and the NFL, if he can still compete at the high level the NFL demands, if Vick can again learn an NFL offense, a quite complex one at that, and if Vick can keep himself out of trouble, including not corrupting young talents like Marshall, who is on the edge of a cliff all on his own.

All that said, in the end, bringing in Vick is definitely worth the trouble of the negative media that will lose interest quickly, and he is a low-risk, potentially high-reward player, considering he could just be cut if he screws up.

So, Bowlen, Xanders, and McDaniels, what are you waiting for?!


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