New York Mets: Stop This Train. I Want To Get Off

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IJune 12, 2009

Let’s make one thing clear: I have never been a fan of the Subway Series.  Growing up, the Mets were the Mets and the Yankees were the Yankees and never the two shall meet. 

Nothing is going to change what these teams are.  No amount of Mets victories is ever going to wash away the ***yawn*** “storied” history of the Yankees.  The Mets will always be New York’s other team and if that isn’t good enough for you as a Mets fan, you are in for some real disappointment in your life. 

The Yankees' 60-year head start on the Mets has all but guaranteed that this will always be Yankee country to many.   The Mets can rise up and borrow the town from time to time as they did in the '80s but at some point they will always have to hand the keys back over to big brother.

When interleague play came to be, the Mets/Yankees matchups were interesting enough, but as a ticket holding fan, I began to see signs that this wasn’t for me. 

It became clear that for many people, these Subway Series games are the only baseball games they attend all year, and the majority of “fans” are there just to get in each others faces in the most obnoxious ways possible.   

You end up with two stadiums full of people who have no idea what they are doing at a ballgame and for a grumpy old fan (30 years old in Mets years is like 125 Kansas City Royals years) like myself it can be more than bit annoying. 

That being said, it’s just a few games a year and I can let that slide.  I began avoiding these games like the plague and selling off tickets whenever possible.  When I did go I at least knew what I was in for and so it was easier to deal with.

What has finally pushed me over the edge with this marketing ploy gone awry is what the teams are now doing to fleece their fans.   Both the Yankees and Mets are using every dirty trick in the book to sell these tickets. 

So much so that it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some of these sellers on eBay and Stubhub are actually the Mets themselves (I’m looking at you Fregosi62).  From lotteries to $1000 “value” packs, we fans are being taken to the cleaners more often then a rental tux.

Let’s face facts:

The Mets don’t care that they are playing the Yankees.

The Yankees don’t care that they are playing the Mets.

The owners don’t care about you either.

Blue and Orange doesn’t matter.

Navy and White doesn’t matter.

The only thing that seems to matter around here is green.

Enjoy the series.


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