In Round 36 of the MLB Draft, the Red Sox Select...

E ASenior Analyst IJune 11, 2009

For those of you who don't follow the MLB Draft, you may find yourself doing a double take if you see just who the Red Sox drafted today in the 36th round of the first year player draft.

With that pick in round 36, the Red Sox selected St. John's Prep outfielder Michael Yastrzemski. Now, I don't know how common that name really is, but if it weren't obvious enough, yes, Michael is the grandson of Yaz, the Red Sox legend.

This draft pick is intriguing to say the least, but alas, the story gets even sweeter as we move along.

Michael Yastrzemski is just 18, fresh out of high school, and comes in at 5'11", 185 pounds. Last season, he was a Catholic Conference all-star for St. John's Prep, leading his team in runs, RBI, doubles, and triples.

Also playing American Legion ball, he hit .412 and led the team in home runs.

Says Yaz, "he's got a good eye, he only swings at strikes."

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Michael has been tutored about the art of hitting from none other than grandfather Carl Yastrzemski, who said his grandson had a good chance of eventually playing in the Majors.

"He can hit. He's a good outfielder, he runs well, he's got a strong arm. He's come a long way."

Said Red Sox New England regional scouting director Ray Fagnant: "I went to a tournament in Lynn and I saw a kid have two or three good at-bats in a row. I didn't know who he was. I didn't know Yaz had a grandson. And I got a roster and I said, 'Whoa, Yastrzemski.' The name really perks your interest, but what I like is I identified him before I knew who he was."

Fagnant added that the young Yaz has a good swing and good instincts.

Yastrzemski was projected to be plucked off the draft board quite early in the proceedings, according to scouts, but many teams backed off him because of his scholarship to Vanderbilt University.

Yastrzemski said he would only back out of his commitment to Vandy if he were drafted in the first round. Based off his words, we may not be seeing his name pop up in draft talk for a while, as his named dropped 35 rounds past the first before the Red Sox plucked the grandson of one of their former stars.

Knowing the status of the name Yastrzemski in New England, and after getting drafted by the Red Sox, of all teams, a good contract offer from the Sox may be enough to stop him from going to school and eventually becoming that first or second round pick that scouts say he can be.

Yaz admitted to the Boston Globe in February that he hoped the Red Sox would draft Michael, "If the opportunity presents itself," Yaz said.

The opportunity has presented itself, and the Red Sox made their move. If Michael decides to sign with the Red Sox it could mean there will someday be another Yaz roaming the confines of Fenway Park.


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