"Triple Thunder": The Raiders' Unstoppable Rushing Attack

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 11, 2009

First the boom, and then the flash!

Sound familiar? It should, because there's a thunderstorm brewing in Oakland, and it will be unstoppable. This storm is coming to reclaim its "Excellence to Commitment." This storm also has a "Triple Thunder" of running backs.

The Oakland Raiders have done extremely well in the area of running backs. They have three totally bruising running backs.

The first two are well known to the Raider base, and at season's end a third delighted Raider fans as he ran through defenses and made a name for himself. These three awesome players are Justin Fargas, Darren McFadden, and Michael Bush. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Let's begin with Justin Fargas. For most of us, we are all too familiar with No. 25. Fargas was drafted in 2003 and for a time sat behind LaMont Jordan. Once Jordan was unable to play, Fargas ran hard. Fargas has a fast takeoff and runs tougher than any player I recall since Tyrone Wheatley.

Fargas quickly became a positive fixture for the offense. He is a 1,000-yard runner. He is consistent and should have a great year.

Next is Darren McFadden. McFadden averaged 4.4 yards per carry, yet we all saw the potential this player has. Surprisingly McFadden was available—fourth pick first round—when the Raiders drafted him. Since then he has been worth every penny and should get the Raiders to the playoffs, even though many doubt the talents of the new Raider team.

Many fans believe it is McFadden who will move Fargas to second. McFadden has the potential to become another Bo Jackson. He may not have the size, but he has heart, speed, and sight to hit the holes at the right time.

McFadden is a fun player to watch, as he runs through holes, breaks tackles, straight arms, and has great hands. McFadden is a true weapon for the Raiders and has a lot to prove this year since he was hurt during last year's season.

Lastly is Michael Bush. He was injured for a year and healed completely, only to be used at season's end when Lane Kiffin was released. Tom Cable was aware of the power Bush plays with and used him. Fans finally go to see his speed, raw power, and massive size.

Bush was brought in against Tampa Bay, and he gave them a whelping. He ran for 177 yards, averaged 6.6 yards per carry, and had two touchdowns. The guy was very, very impressive.

Really, who else carries so many prospects at the running back position? I believe the Oakland Raiders will be able to tire defenses with Bush's power and then, with the speed of Fargas or McFadden, simply put them to rest as the Raiders score another touchdown.

I remember a tandem of players like this that worked wonders for coach Jon Gruden. Maybe you remember Napoleon Kaufman and Tyrone Wheatley. These were just two running backs, and they made the yards Gruden needed when called into action. A similar situation exists in Oakland now; however, we have three running backs.

A huge plus with the three running backs is that it will open the passing game for JaMarcus Russell. Russell, alongside the running backs, tight ends, and speedy wide receivers, should have no problem clinching the AFC West again.

If you factor in the other great Raider players, you can see why the running back situation in Oakland will crush a lot of teams. A three-headed beast is ready to devour yards on the gridiron this year. I can't wait for the games to begin and the thunder to Boom! Boom! Boom!

Go Oakland Raiders!


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