NFL Draft '06 and '07: Who'll Be the Best QBs?

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

We can pretty much see what the QBs in these draft classes will turn out to be. Raider haters out there love to throw dirt on JaMarcus Russell. It's not fair.

We'll glance through the QBs available and selected during the first two rounds in the 2006 and 2007 draft. This will show you why JaMarcus Russell will end up being the best out of these nine guys.

2006 NFL Draft
No.3 Vince Young
2006: 15 games, 2,199 yards, 51.5 pct, 12 TDs, 13 INTs.....  (552 rush yards, seven TDs) QB Rating: 66.7
2007: 15 games, 2,546 yards, 62.3 pct, 9 TDs, 17 INTs..... (395 rush yards, 3 TDs) QB Rating: 71.1
2008: 3 games, 219 yards, 61.1pct, 1 TD, 2 INTs..... QB Rating: 64.5

This man has had to deal with an offensive coordinator change going from Norm Chow to Mike Heimerdinger. That hasn't been his issue, the issue has been the much older (36) and experienced Kerry Collins taking control of the spot.

What direction are they headed in? Collins just got a two-year, $15 million deal with Young watching. This can be considered a wasted pick, since they're doing more than holding VY's hand, they're holding him back.

No. 10 Matt Leinart
2006: 12 games, 2,547 yards, 56.8 pct, 11 TDs, 12 INTs..... QB Rating: 74.0
2007 & 2008: 9 games, 911 yards, 53 pct, 3 TDs, 5 INTs.... QB Rating: 61.9/80.2

Kurt Warner was basically ran out of NY so Eli Manning could play, decided to go to Arizona to play the same role for Leinart, but it turned out Leinart isn't half as good as Eli.

Leinart has been pictured partying a lot, enjoying the lime light a bit too much and hasn't put fourth the work needed to start. How else do you explain having two stud WRs, a rising third WR, and letting a 35-year-old QB at the time take his spot?

Warner is now 37 and still the starter in Arizona.

No. 11 Jay Cutler
2006: 5 games, 1,001 yards, 59.1 pct, 9 TDs, 5 INTs..... QB Rating: 88.5 (playing behind Jake Plummer)
2007: 16 games, 3,497 yards, 63.6 pct, 20 TDs, 14 INTs..... QB Rating: 88.1
2008: 16 games, 4,526 yards, 62.3 pct, 25  TDs, 18 INTs..... QB Rating: 86.0

This man has so far shown to be the most talented of the bunch, due to the stability in the Broncos offensive system. He's got a cannon, he can throw on the run while being accurate and makes good decisions at times. The only issue hovering over him would be his attitude.

He had an offensive type of coach come in, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Ryan Clady at LT, along with picks to upgrade the defense, and he bitched his way off the team. He should still do well in Chicago, but his numbers will be nowhere near what they could've been in Denver.

No. 64 Travaris Jackson
2006: 4 games, 475 yards, 58.0 pct, 2 tds, 4 ints..... QB Rating: 62.5
2007: 12 games, 1,911 yards, 58.2 pct, 9 tds, 12 ints..... QB Rating: 70.8
2008: 9 games, 1,056 yards, 59.1 pct, 9 tds, 2 ints..... QB Rating: 95.4

Travaris was hand picked by Coach Childress to be their QB. He's shown flash while mainly struggling. The running game is set due to Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. They've got a solid offensive line, and yet that's not enough. They have Berrian, Rice, Shiancoe as reasonable weapons and he couldn't use them.

He instead lost the job last year and had that followed by the Vikings trading for Sage Rosenfels. For the No. 64 pick, they shouldn't have expected much from him. Now he gets to sit behind Rosenfels or Favre.

2007 NFL Draft
No. 1 JaMarcus Russell
2007: 4 games, 373 yards, 54.5 pct, 2 tds, 4 ints..... QB Rating: 55.9
2008: 15 games, 2,423 yards, 53.8 pct, 13 tds, 8 ints..... QB Rating: 77.1

JaMarcus has had to deal with missing all camps and the preseason his rookie year (his fault) and the play-calling shuffle with three different play callers during his 2008 year. His throwing percentage isn't nice due, to a crappy line and a lot of throwaways. He had no receivers and no time to throw.

With Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, and Lorenzo Neal leading the running game, that'll take pressure off him. The improved offensive line, beginning with Mario Henderson watching his blindside, along Chaz Schillens, Javon Walker, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Louis Murphy, and Johnnie Lee Higgins competing for snaps, this should be a coming-out party for JaMarcus.

No. 22 Brady Quinn
07 & 08: 4 games, 563 yards, 49.5 pct, 2 TDs, 2 INTs..... QB Rating: 65.8

Quinn had bad luck with Derek Anderson blowing up his rookie year and thus taking his job. Instead of trading Anderson after his good year they decided to keep him and sit Brady Quinn another year.

With Mangini coming in, both QB's are supposed to get a chance to compete for the job. Quinn should beat Anderson out and play good. His decision-making is pretty damn good, and with guys like Alex Mack coming in, WR's like Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi to join Braylon Edwards will only help Brady make a name for himself.

No. 36 Kevin Kolb
2007: Played in one game and didn't make a throw
2008: 6 games, 144 yards, 50 pct, 0 TDs, 4 INTs..... QB Rating: 21.8

In an interesting move, the Eagles made Kolb as the third QB taken. Even with McNabb at the helm and other positions needing to get filled. He got his one chance to replace McNabb and fell on his face.

Now that the Eagles have improved their offensive line with Jason Peters and the additions of Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and Cornelious Ingram—along with talks of an extension for McNabb—Kolb will remain irrelevant.

No. 40 John Beck
2007: 5 games, 559 yards, 56.1 pct, 1 TD, 3 INTs..... QB Rating: 62.0
2008: Didn't take a snap

Selected while Cam Cameron was their head coach, Beck didn't impress. He was beat out for playing time by an old Trent Green and Cleo Lemon. In 2008, when Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells have took over, he never had a chance. The trade for Chad Pennington was made and in the 2009 Draft, they selected Pat White to run the wildcat.

Beck has now been released and signed on to compete as a back-up in Baltimore.

No. 43 Drew Stanton
2008: 3 games, 119 yards, 52.9 pct, 1 TD, 0 INTs..... QB Rating: 95.0

It doesn't matter how well Stanton does, because unfortunately for him, all attention is on No. 1 pick Matthew Stafford. While Stafford gets ready, Culpepper will be taking the snaps. Stanton might look for a new home in the future if he wants a fair chance at starting.

Besides Jay Cutler's success (he had the same system, coach, and stability during those years), no one has shown that they can or will be better than JaMarcus Russell.

Vince Young had an outstanding defense with Albert Haynesworth that would keep him from having to do too much and just manage the game but nothing.

Matt Leinart couldn't use his 'accuracy' to get the ball to three stud WRs.

Travaris Jackson is SLOWLY progressing, but can be serviceable due to his agility and speed. Now that he's got some weapons this year, we'll see if he'll be that.

Brady Quinn has been talked about in trade rumors for awhile, along with only getting involved in four games in two years. Are the Browns sold on him?

Kolb, Beck and Stanton have back-ups written all over them due to their situations and talent shown. Only time will tell if they'll be successful. If they remain where they are, they won't.

These are the two years we needed to go QB. If you ask me, the Raiders made the right choice. They could've traded up to get a Vince Young. They could've gotten Leinart instead of Huff (anything over Huff would've worked if you look at it now).

They could've taken Calvin Johnson No. 1 and looked for a QB in the second Round and so far, those guys have shown why they weren't considered first rounders. Brady Quinn would've been a reach at No. 1 in that case also.

If you saw the way JaMarcus handled all the crap thrown his way, you'd understand why the Raider Nation feels we got the best QB available during those years. He never complained about the lack of time to throw. He never blamed the different play callers.

He never called out the lineman for holding or false starts. He has handled this pressure in a way you'd want your leader to handle it: calmly and letting it roll off your back

Watch out for 2009, Russell will show that he's the top of this class!


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