10 Best Sports Theme Songs of All Time

Kendall Baker@@kbaker0506Contributor IIIFebruary 17, 2014

10 Best Sports Theme Songs of All Time

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    You won't be seeing the NBA on NBC anytime soon, but I bet you remember the iconic theme song.
    You won't be seeing the NBA on NBC anytime soon, but I bet you remember the iconic theme song.Wikipedia

    This is a Top 10 list chronicling the greatest sports theme songs in television history.

    We are a country obsessed with our sports teams and our athletes. As a result, we spend a significant amount of time watching them compete on TV. 

    For all the negativity surrounding the exorbitant amount of media we consume nowadays, the emotions that these songs are capable of evoking and the nostalgia they are capable of causing prove that televised sporting events are an important part of American culture.  

    Any time you are able to experience something incredible, and then, years later, have the memories of that day flood right back into your mind after hearing a simple melody is unbelievable.

    Enjoy the list.

10. NFL on CBS

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    What it Reminds Me of: The New York Jets (I'm from the N.J./N.Y. area)

    To kick off this countdown, it is only fitting that we begin with a football theme song. After all, we are a country obsessed with the sport.

    That Seattle Seahawks-Denver Broncos blowout a couple weeks back? Yeah, that was the most watched TV program in U.S. history.

    I cannot wait to bump this throughout my entire house when CBS broadcasts the Super Bowl in 2016.

9. MLB on Fox

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    What it Reminds Me of: MLB Postseason

    Joe Buck has a lot of haters out there, but think about how many more he'd have if he wasn't blessed with this epic lead-in song.

    I mean, seriously, just think about it. Sure, when this thing ends, we're reminded that Buck is announcing, and that stinks. But at that point, we're all so amped from the music that we wouldn't care if this guy was calling the game.

8. The Masters on CBS

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    What it Reminds Me of: Tiger Woods

    Remember Tiger Woods' glory days? This brings back so many of those memories.

    This is the perfect kind of song to accompany a tradition like the Masters.

7. SportsCenter Theme Song

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    What it Reminds Me of: Scott Van Pelt's beautiful bald head

    When the SportsCenter theme comes on, you know you're about to be in sports fan heaven.

    It's a little bit outdated, and I could kind of see Scott Stapp laying down the vocals on this track back in his Creed days. However, this song remains one of the most recognizable themes in the entire country.

    Like, seriously, your dog knows this thing by heart at this point.

6. College Basketball on CBS

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    What it Reminds Me of: March Madness

    In terms of all the theme songs listed here, this one brings back the most vivid memories for me.

    Maybe that's because March Madness is such a unique and exciting event in sports.

    Or, maybe it's because the guy who wrote it is some genius who knows the exact formula for creating the most nostalgic song of all time.

    There is no way to know. All I do know is I absolutely love this song. 

5. NFL on Fox

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    What It Reminds Me OfCleatus, that really intimidating football robot

    This song is so football—just blasting you in the face with those opening horns (or whatever that is). 

    Amazing stuff.

4. College Gameday: ESPN on ABC

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    What it Reminds Me of: Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit

    This one sounds like it belongs in Remember the Titans or something.

    How fitting is that? A song that should probably be featured in a blockbuster sports movie is, in reality, the theme song most closely associated with our country's obsession with college football.

3. Monday Night Football

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    What it Reminds Me Of: Football and those epic MNF commercials


    What sound is more synonymous with football than that? 

    I'm pretty sure this was my ringtone back when ringtones were a thing. I'm also pretty sure it's going to be stuck in my head all day now after posting this.

    I'm not complaining.

2. NBA on NBC

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    What it Reminds Me of: Michael Jordan

    When I hear this song, I get flashes of Michael Jordan with his tongue out, taking some warm-up jumpers before a game set to be broadcast in standard definition.

    I see Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, John Stockton and Karl Malone, short shorts and Horace Grant's goggles.  

    Man, I miss the '90s. 

1. The Olympics on NBC

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    What it Reminds Me of: My love for this country

    No theme song can hold a candle to "Bugler's Dream." Talk about an array of emotions. This song sends shivers down my back, makes me cry, then makes me want to go to the gym and start training for Brazil 2016. 

    If NBC ever loses out on the rights to the Olympics (Comcast just paid $4.38 billion for the rights until 2020), the network that picks it up better be able to use this song. 

    If not, there could very well be riots in the streets. I will be leading one.

    Please feel free to comment below and share any favorites I might have missed.

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