Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson: Browns Fans Should Embrace Both QBs

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IIJune 10, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 23:  Quarterbacks Brady Quinn #10, Ken Dorsey #11 and Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns discuss strategy on the sideline during a 26-24 loss to the Oakland Raiders at McAfee Coliseum on September 23, 2007 in Oakand, California.  (Photo by Kevin Terrell/Getty Images)

They say nothing divides a team like a quarterback controversy. Half of the team supports one guy, and the other half supports the other. The funny thing about Cleveland is, the players don't seem divided by it at all. I think they support both guys and will let the better one win.

When it comes to the fans however, this competition seems to be dividing the whole city. The comments I see fans saying to each other are crazy. You would think that they root for opposing teams. The reality is, they are all Browns fans.

I am partial to Brady Quinn because I am a Notre Dame fan. I have adopted the Cleveland Browns not only because of Brady Quinn, but also Braylon Edwards and the two Hawaiians they just drafted. I remember watching Kaluka Maiava in high school. The point is, I have reason to root for Brady Quinn because I am not a true Browns fan.

Looking at Notre Dame, they have Jimmy Clausen heading into his third year, but they are also high on Dayne Crist. I do want Clausen to be the guy because I think he is the better choice at this point. However, if Crist beats him out, I am okay with that. It is still Notre Dame.

The point is, it's definitely okay to like one guy over the other, but at the end of the day they are both Browns. So, support both of them. Most fans do support Quinn, but there is still a fairly big contingent of fans who like Derek Anderson. Anderson supporters say the worst things about Quinn, and some Quinn fans do the same.

My question to these fans is, what happens if the guy you bash wins the job? Do you not support him? If Anderson wins, I will hope the Browns lose every game until they start Quinn, but again, I am not a true Browns fan. What about you?

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The reality is, any team is only as good as the backup quarterback. Without a good backup, you are one play away from being a bad team. Therefore, both Anderson and Quinn will be vitally important players for the Browns. Odds are both will be needed at some point.

Also please spare me the Bret Ratliff comment. Supporters of both guys think Ratliff can be the No. 2. When you're No. 2, you are one play away from being No. 1. Ratliff did have a great game against the Browns, but he has to do a little more than light it up against third stringers and guys who don't even make the team.

It is true that Mangini wanted Ratliff in the trade, and he was a key ingredient to it. That could be because last year Ratliff was his No. 3 in New York. The No. 3 is usually the guy who runs the scout team in practice. Maybe Ratliff is a great scout team quarterback.

It is possible that Ratliff can be a starter, but it is down the road. Don't forget he was an undrafted free agent. That means he is not even close to being ready to play.

That is why Quinn and Anderson are getting most of the reps. To be honest, I think Mangini plans on going with Quinn. His recent comments about what he wants indicate that. However, he knows that he may need Anderson at some point, so he makes a competition and gives reps to both guys.

The point is, the Browns need both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Therefore, Browns fans should embrace both of them.

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