Brett Favre is Not Worth the Hassle

Reggie GarciaCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 28: Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets leaves the field after losing to The Miami Dolphins 24-17 after their game on December 28, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

As I laid sick on my couch, I watched ESPN from morning until afternoon, and they must have said Brett Favre's name over 100 times.

In between NBA finals coverage, the NHL Stanley Cup, and other sporting events, the Favre saga can rear it's ugly head into just about any situation.

There is no doubt; Favre is NFL royalty. He has accomplished so much in his 18 year career – from three-time MVP to Super Bowl winner to becoming the most recognizable name in the most recognizable football town. He is by and far, up there with some of the NFL greats. Should he have the right to come and go? Alot would say yes, he has earned that right.

I say no. Brett Farve is good, but not this good. I don't think anyone is this good.

Brett had the stupid hold up last year when he retired, then un-retired when he decided  he could still throw the pig skin. He returned in a different green jersey and helped them to an 8-3 start with several talking about the Jets really making noise in the playoffs. Well ... after the dust settled, Favre ended up with as many TDs as INTs, something he has done five times in his career.

For several weeks there was speculation, and the heads at ESPN were salivating over all of this juicy drama with one of the most famous players to dawn an NFL jersey, certainly one of the most recognizable. If it were Jim Sorgi, no one would care. But its Brett F'ing Favre.

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Now that he has retired again, he swears to everyone he is done. He even pulled a blanket over Ed Werder's eyes.

Now he has crossed the line ...

There is no doubt Brett wants to play again, if he really did not want to, he would not have MRIs of his shoulder and consultations with the famous Dr. James Andrews. If he was really done, he would be playing with his dogs and friends like it illustrates in those Wrangler commercials. Don't you think all of this back and forth is tarnishing his image and overall legacy?

I say yes.

When Montana left, I am sure he would rather have retired in San Francisco, but he didn't. He was a Chief, and when he retired, he retired. That's it.

I believe Favre is spoiled in this scenario. I am sure he doesn't mind the media attention, and before you start shooting word missiles at me, put yourself in his situation, wouldn't you want it all, too?

After NFL, what does he get? the fame, no no. He will not be as famous as if he were playing. The money, no way. Some teams dish out millions for a QB to warm up the bench (I am still looking at you Sorgi), and I would bet Wrangler is not going to give Favre as much compensation to wear their comfortable jeans than Minnesota is to have him throw the ball around the Dome.

So what would Favre have? His reputation and for sure HOF mold waiting for him in Canton, but come on Brett, do you really think you can do this? He must have a pretty smug attitude to pull this crap AGAIN for a second consecutive year. The Jets are not waiting for you, Brett; and it has become evident that the Vikings have taken the high road, either you decide or stay retired, we will move on without you and so will the NFL.

This has become one of the more sad stories I can think of. This shows the lack of commitment in Favre. I understand many of you GB, NY, or even Minnesota heads are just waiting to comment me, tearing my head off for even speaking about Favre in this matter, but do you think this is good for the NFL? 

I love you Brett, you have made the NFL fun to watch over 18 brilliant years, but please man ... make up your mind. Because contrary to ESPN and other media outlets, there is life after Brett.

Honestly, the guys like Stafford, Sanchez, Ryan, Flacco, etc are waiting to etch their name into NFL lore. Back and forth Brett is still trying to scribble things before he is REALLY done.

In the words of one of my favorite musicians of all time, Jim Croce once put it in his famous song Operator "Thank you for your time, you have been so much more than kind ..."