Matt Hardy Arrested After Alleged Fight with Wife Reby Sky

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2014

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy has had his fair share of issues outside the ring since leaving the sports entertainment juggernaut in 2010, and the latest relates to an alleged domestic dispute with wife Reby Sky.

According to TMZ.com, both Hardy and Sky were arrested early on the morning of Jan. 1 after police were called to a Virginia motel.    

A hotel staffer told 911 in reference to Hardy that "[a] guest just came down here and said somebody's beating the hell out of his wife a girl or something."

It has also been reported that Hardy and Sky, who were both cut and bruised following the alleged incident, filed restraining orders against each other, but have since dropped them.

Hardy's mugshot following the arrest can be seen here courtesy of TMZ Sports on Twitter:

As seen in this photo courtesy of Sky's Twitter account, she and Hardy appear to have reconciled, however:

After multiple arrests in 2011, including being arrested for driving while intoxicated and also for drug possession, Hardy seemed to turn his life around. He has been a prominent figure on the independent wrestling scene since then with Ring of Honor and various other promotions, and he has evolved as both a wrestler and a character.

Hardy has embraced the freedom that comes with independent bookings, which is something he didn't get to experience while with WWE. Philly.com's Vaughn Johnson shared this quote:

The biggest thing to me is that it allows me to have a lifestyle. Once you sign a contract with one of the big companies, they kind of control every aspect of you as far what you put out there via social media or what you say or your opinions. In many ways you have to become a company man. Now, I can be my own boss and to be a true independent contractor. I can say whatever I want. I can voice my opinion whenever I want to. I just feel like I have a life and kind of stepped out of the wrestling bubble.

Even though Hardy is no longer in a major wrestling company like WWE, he is still very much in the public eye. He is extremely active on Twitter and does a great job of promoting himself. The obvious drawback is that the wrestling world is always interested in these types of incidents due to Hardy's notoriety.

Hardy seemed to be having an extremely good run from a personal perspective prior to the release of this story, so hopefully he is able to turn things around once again. He is a huge asset to the independent wrestling scene because of his experience on the big stage and his ability to help elevate younger talent.

Both Hardy and Sky appear to have moved on from the situation, and perhaps they both learned a lot from it.

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