Man Falls Through Ceiling of Golf Store, No One Bats an Eyelid

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 13, 2014

Internet, I’d like you to meet Ron and Billy—the two best friends anyone could ever hope for in this life.

While details concerning their undoubtedly zany friendship have yet to surface, all that needs to be known about these two men is demonstrated in this video.

This brief, 59-second clip was spotted by Mentality Magazine (h/t Paul Sacca of NextImpulseSports.com) and shows a man exploding through the ceiling of a golf shop and falling to the ground. 

This man is the aforementioned “Ron,” and judging by the general reaction to his entrance, this is by no means the first time his limp form has fallen into a place of business in a shower of broken ceiling tiles. 

Upon seeing his buddy crash through the ceiling, "Billy," the store clerk, bid him hello.

“Hey, Ron,” Billy said.

“Hey, Billy,” Ron answered. “That hurt.”

“Alright, don’t move a muscle,” Billy responded.

Ron continued to claim he wasn’t hurt by the fall, but Billy knew better than to stand still.

Cool as lettuce, Billy grabbed his camera phone and began taking pictures, understanding that documenting failure quickly is pivotal in saving the moment. 

“Don’t move!” Billy cried, worrying that by getting up, his friend may bend his spine the wrong way and ruin a perfectly good Snapchat.

Ron obliged Billy and laid back down in the insulation, posing for what will certainly stand as the two friends’ most compelling Christmas card since the time they jumped the General Lee over Saint Basil's in Moscow.

And that, my friends, is the story of true friendship. When life gives you asbestos and herniated discs, you just hope there’s a friend around like Billy, who won’t help you up because he’s too busy taking pictures for posterity.

Be on the lookout for Ron and Billy to make their big break into the film business. Not even the cast of Monty Python could've pulled this off with such dry humor.

Movie idea: Ron of the Dead.