Bicycle Enthusiast Finishing Up Record-Breaking South Pole Ride

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2014

One man's subfreezing conditions are another's reason for a nice leisurely stroll on his bicycle. 

KSL's Jed Boal (h/t Bro Bible) reports on the record-breaking journey of Dan Burton, who decided riding around the South Pole wasn't just a good idea, it was one that needed to be followed up on and finished. 

According to the report, Burton started the ride about a month ago and has already covered 500 of the 700 miles he is hoping to log down in Antarctica. 

If you are wondering, that distance isn't just unbelievable, it's historic. 

Burton now owns the record for most miles covered on a bicycle while riding towards the South Pole, a record we previously were unaware existed or actually needed to be documented. I mean, who rides in 40 below temperatures?

One is left to wonder why anyone in their right mind would decide to trek across the South Pole of all places. Well, it seems he just loves the experience that only comes with riding on ice. 

Burton reportedly speaks with his wife, Media Burton, daily. She states, "He seems to be doing very well and is determined to complete it. He's got the capability and the determination." Media continued, "He's been through a lot of challenging things, and he's determined to complete whatever he starts." 

As for those "challenges," it seems things like a flat tire and sustenance are far more dire when you are in conditions that resemble Hoth and there are no tauntauns around to slice open. 

Boal reports that Burton has already had to contend with falling through a crevice as well as rigging his own wheel as he waited for supplies. 

The most important date to remember is Jan. 23, which is when the last plane of the season departs, so the journey, complete or not, ends at that moment. 

Although, there is a lot to like when it comes to Burton's chances. He states in the video, "I don't give in when I should. I think I've got the ability to keep going and make it there." 

Five hundred miles is already 500 more than most people would travel, so consider this a job already well done. 

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